Financially Responsible? 5 Great Reasons You Should Be

The following is a guest post from Money Sanity, who writes about making the best of opportunities, living frugally, prioritizing, planning and preparing for an uncertain future. The post is part of Yakezie Blog Swap #5, with the topic “What motivates me to be financially responsible?” Also check out my guest post on his site.

What motivates me to be financially responsible? Well, I should tell you right off the bat that I view financial responsibility as more of a mindset or way of life than simply a way to get more stuff. Sure, a new Porsche would look great in my driveway; it would really be a head turner for the walkers in the morning, but the fact of the matter is that I am not motivated by most stuff. Of course I am motivated somewhat by possessions but my style is more about living in a safe town with a great school system , having access to healthcare, and a safe car to drive- than flashy stuff.
  1. Being financially responsible is a great way to build credit. If you wondering how to build credit when you have no credit, the first step is simply paying your bills on-time and in general being financially responsible.
  2. Financially responsible people waste less. Remember the adage Waste not - want not? Being financially responsible is efficient, not just financially but also in terms of time spent. Most people know that being financially responsible can save money – but did you realize that it saves time too? I know very few financially responsible people who handle a bill twice. They don’t spend time fighting with collectors. Their mind does not race to that unpaid bill 10 times a day. They have the time to look for new ways to save money, to increase their wealth further. They sleep peacefully – unless they have a neighbor with a broken car alarm – but that’s another story.
  3. It’s financially responsible to give back. You can’t give back unless you have something to give. The more you have, then the more you can give. Have you ever noticed that the people who are most active in charities are financially secure? That’s because it’s easier for them to give of their time and money because they are not struggling.
  4. Being financially responsible is the right thing to do. If everyone were financially responsible the world would be a much better place. Think of all the money that is wasted on fees and penalties and interest, then add in all the money that’s wasted on junk – household junk, junk food, plain old junk, you name it. Imagine if all that money were put to good use; standards of living and life expectancies would rise. Divorces over finances would end. Greenpeace would be happier in that less junk means a better environment. The biggest reason to be financially responsible is a moral one – it’s just the right thing to do for yourself, your family, your community and your country.
  5. Being financially responsible makes you feel good about yourself. Makes sense, right?, since people who are in debt, living above their means are worried and stressed that removing all that is a real self esteem and confidence booster.
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Financially Responsible? 5 Great Reasons You Should Be — 5 Comments

  1. My favorite of these five is wasting less. I love that I don't have to spend tons of time dealing with creditors and paying fees. With financial responsibility, I can just live my life without worrying.

  2. I definitely agree with the fact that being financially responsible is simply the right thing to do. For example, if you don't overextend yourself with credit, you won't be compelled to have 5 cars, and will have less of a drain on the environment or price of oil!

  3. Also - great to see another Yakezie blogger using the Blogger platform! I use it too, so let me know if you ever have any questions I can maybe help you with!

  4. Great post! I completely agree that being financially responsible makes you feel good about yourself. I know I don't want to stress month in and out about how to get the bills paid!

  5. I agree with Kevin, I have such a hard time convincing my sister not to use so much dish detergent when all she needs is teaspoon full! Being wasteful is one of the things I started cutting out of my life when I decided to start managing my money better

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