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Have you ever been to Yahoo Answers? People ask some crazy stuff over there. Sometimes when I’m bored I head over and answer personal finance questions. (Any doubts you had that I wasn’t a total dork are now shattered.) I thought I’d share a few questions I came across as well as my answers.

Go to hawaii or pay off debt/move out?

me and my bf have split up after 5 years so ive now had to go live back at home which im devestated about, not being at home but the break up. im 24. my parents have asked me to go to hawaii with them and my sister next year which will cost me 2500. i dont know what to do…go to hawaii or pay off my 5k debt that i have and be able to move out?


I’m sorry to hear about your break up. However, going to Hawaii isn’t going to solve your problems. Use this time living with your parents to get on your feet financially. Save. Save. And save some more. Pay off that debt and get a good chunk into an emergency fund before you move out. Taking good care of yourself is the best way to move on with your life. Only go on the Hawaii trip if you can get the debt paid off and then save up and pay cash for the trip.

Andrea’s answer: I think it depends. How long can you live with your parents before they get tired of supporting you? How long can you live with them before you have a nervous breakdown and turn to prostitution to earn extra cash? If you’re okay hanging out with your parents for several years, go on the trip and resume debt payoff when you get back.

I need money now? Help?

Long story short . I have bad credit . I need money . I can pay it back . Just 400 dollars . Any suggestions


No, you can’t pay it back. You have bad credit for a reason. In case you were wondering, that reason is because you haven’t paid back loans in the past. Don’t give me a “But” here, you took out the loans and you didn’t pay them back. Facts are facts. My suggestion; get a job.

Andrea’s answer: Dude, you sound like a crack fiend looking for a fix. Or a caveman. “Need money. Bad credit. Help.” If you can pay the money back, why can’t you save the money in advance for whatever you need? I feel your pain; my credit sucks too. But until you get it under control, your situation isn’t going to improve.

Borrowed $ from finance co. 4 my friend so could get her bf out of they wont pay me. what can i do?

we only had a verbal agreement. my name was not put on his bail out paper. it was $300.00 and its been a month. she agreed 2weeks. only paid me $60 cause her boyfriend doesn’t wanna pay me.

is there any thing i can do to get this back. i was being very nice and she didn’t want her bf to loose his job. but now she is avoiding me and her mother hung up on when i tried asking her to relay a message. know any way i can get it back?


Other than taking your friend to small claims court there is no way to get this money back. I suggest you chalk this up to experience and find some new friends. These people are NOT your friends, and honestly, even if they paid you back it doesn’t sound like the type of people you need in your life. I think this was a well spent $300. Good luck!

Andrea’s answer: This was a little too Judge Judy for me. Don’t lend money that you can’t live without. No matter how well you know someone, money changes relationships - usually for the worse. Next time let her boyfriend’s stupid ass rot in jail.

What is a good way to make money for a 15 year old (other than a job)?

I’m a 15 year old guy and I need a way to make money (eg making something). I want to know how I can make money for uni costs and bring in some money (other than a job). Thank you for your ideas.

Jacob answered this one better than I could:

If you’re not willing to work on a job that pays $$, the only other way is to hope for a miracle. Or perhaps beg for money like a hobo. Or perhaps ask mommy and daddy for $$, which is the next step above hobo status!! Get an after school job that………………………I may as well stop talking, once you heard ‘get a job’, you became deaf.

Andrea’s answer: Why are you allergic to work? 15 year-olds get jobs all the time. If you want to “make something”, why don’t you make a trip to therapy and figure out why you’re opposed to making a real living?

Need to take my name off morgage?

i am separate from my wife for 6 years now, i am 51 year old man, i renting a room, and i need to take my name of mortgage i can claim housing. but halifax wont let me do that. what shell i do. please can you advice me. thank you.


Your wife needs to refinance the house in her name only. If she doesn’t qualify for a refi then the house must be sold. If you have been separated for 6 years and aren’t in the process of reconciling you might want to consider divorce. Her financial situation will continue to plague you (and yours will plague her) until you make a clean break.

Andrea’s answer: If you’re still married, you’re probably screwed. After 6 years of separation, I say it’s time to file for divorce. The mortgage can be settled in your divorce decree. And I LOLed at “what shell i do” - no wonder you’re separated since you are clearly a turtle pretending to be human. That is all.

Ok, that’s all I got for today! Do you have any other advice for these poor souls?

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