Weekend Randomness: Hunger Games Edition

I’ve been kind of MIA for the last 2 weeks, and I apologize. Too much going on and not enough time in the day, blah blah blah. Thanks to those of you who have kept visiting despite the lack of amazing content lately.

Jayden and I are going to see The Hunger Games today! We are both huge fans of the trilogy, so we can’t wait to find out how the first movie stacks up against the books. I’m hoping it’s as good as it looks - we don’t go to the movies very often (maybe 1-2 times a year), so I don’t want this one to be a waste of time and money!

Other Random Happenings

Yet another change to my comment system. I’ve really weighed out the pros and cons of using a third party comment system here on the blog. I changed from Disqus to Livefyre, but many of you still had trouble commenting. And while I love the third party systems, you guys come first. So I’m using the old school WordPress comments now - you put in your name and email address, and your comment appears. So if you’ve had trouble leaving a response before, try it out now! It’s ugly but it’s easy to use.

My cousin’s finances make me want to scream. Remember my cousin? The one who’s in basic training and left me to take care of his bills? Yeah, that’s going okay. Except for the fact that I keep getting new bills for crap I didn’t know about, so every time I think he’ll have some extra money, I have to use it. It’ll be straightened out before he comes home in June, though!

I survived the Apple Store. It was really hard not to fall under the spell of the shiny iDevices, but I managed to get my phone fixed without buying anything. The employee who worked on my phone was an older man, probably in his sixties. He told me that working for Apple was the best sales job he’s ever had “because I don’t really have to sell anything - people just come in and beg us to take their money!” Made me LOL.

I have a secret! I did something really cool this past week, but I’m not allowed to tell you about it yet. And it’s driving me insane not to be able to say anything, but I made a promise. So I’ll just tease you with a vague statement about something awesome coming in the next month or two.

You guys rock! Thanks for all the supportive comments on Tuesday’s post. I’m really struggling with the amount of BS I can handle, but I’m trying to remember that not everyone is a troll. I don’t want things to get boring around here; I just have to make some decisions about how much I want to share and how to share it from now on. I’m considering an email list for people who want the more personal information - let me know what you think.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on with me…. What’s new with you? Anything fun happening this weekend?

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Weekend Randomness: Hunger Games Edition — 26 Comments

  1. Yea!! Was hoping you would revert to the WP comment Just makes life easier, but thats my humble opinion and Im sticking to it.

    Must have missed the drama on Tuesday hope you are feeling better today!

  2. I’m going to see The Hunger Games tomorrow and I CAN’T WAIT!! It’s extra hard to wait, since I work in a Library and that’s all anybody’s talking about. Can’t wait to hear how you guys enjoy it!

    • It’s funny because I’ve been avoiding discussions about the movie like there might be spoilers. You know, because clearly the BOOKS wouldn’t spoil it or anything! I’m really excited - I’ll let you know what I think about it!

  3. I prefer this comment system to the previous livefyre, mostly because I wasn’t able to leave comments when I was using my Kindle Fire lol but I will say I did like the way livefyre looked.

    I hope you are able to still be as candid as you always were, but I understand if you feel the need to protect yourself from the trolls.

    • I liked LiveFyre’s look as well - this system is SUPER ugly, but I guess I’ll play with the CSS at some point - the main thing is that it’s easier for people to use.

      I really want to keep sharing things, but it’s hard to do when people attack me over every little thing I do or say. It’s hard to find a balance but I’m working on it.

  4. I have heard about the Hunger Games now for about a year, but I still have to read the books. I want to before I go see the movies, which means I will probably see the movies on DVD. Hope you enjoy!

    • The books are fantastic. I didn’t even want to read them at first because I’m not a big sci-fi person, but they’re not really sci-fi at all. Definitely recommend the books!

  5. I’m glad about the comment system! LiveFyre was okay, but I couldn’t really figure out the link to the profile page thingy. I just made a post about lists and emailing, etc, so I’m really glad you’re thinking of doing that! I would def join your list. My sister is trying to turn me on to the Hunger Games, but I never seem to have time to read these days, it seems, with babies.

    • Yeah, it seems like lots of people hated LiveFyre. And Disqus, for that matter. And I have to assume that for every person telling me, there were probably 10 more that didn’t say anything. Hopefully this will be better!

    • What do you mean? I just switched over to standard comments and edited functions.php so my responses would be a different color. I think it’s ugly!!!

  6. It’s not the prettiest, but it works!

    Thinking about going to the Hunger Games today, too. We don’t often go to the cinema - I really wanted to see Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and missed it while in theathres, so that shows how cheap I am about it.

  7. Yay! This makes commenting so much easier. I hope you enjoy the Hunger Games, I think hubby and I are going to go in a week or two after the crowds clear. My son went today and liked it though.

    As for Tuesday, trolls are everywhere, stuff ‘em!

    • I’m glad people are liking the native comments. If I can just convince it to leave my login information in the boxes so I don’t have to type it every time, I’ll be thrilled.

  8. Forgot to mention on the other post but we don’t have any apple stores on my island. Is that lucky or unlucky? The apple store guy is definitely right about that being the best sales job lol

    I’m also considering reading the hunger games. It’s got so much hype from bloggers and from everyone else that I am kinda want to read it. Maybe I should just settle for the movie.

    Lastly, I understand where you are coming from with the personal information sharing. If I can help in any way, I wouldn’t mind being on a mailing list but I am not sure how much help I would actually be. I really do enjoy your blog though and if me leaving a few words can help you through a tough time, I will gladly do it forever.

    • The closest store to me is 2 hours away, and I’m very grateful for that - if it was any easier to get to, I’d probably never have any money!

      The Hunger Games series is DEFINITELY worth reading! I can’t recommend the books enough.

  9. I can’t wait to see the Hunger Games! I’m waiting until a few weekends from now, which is hopefully when the hype will die down (I have a thing about sitting next to strangers at the movie theater).

    • We ended up waiting… I still feel like crap and I just couldn’t force myself to get ready yesterday. Maybe next weekend I’ll feel like myself again! Luckily our movie theater is usually fairly empty - people drive to the next town over because it is much newer and nicer.

  10. The week for me was going good til the Hoosiers lost. Now I might have to cheer for Kentucky since I did have them winning in the bracket.

    Trying to find time for Hunger Games myself. My two boys went last night.

  11. Yes! I want to be on the “Andrea’s private updates email list”!! I finished Hunger Games and want to see it! We never go to the movies either, so it would be fun to go. I always end up getting the large tub of popcorn WITH refills WITH extra butter and feeling seriously sick later. But I love movie popcorn!!

  12. Just started Hunger Games yesterday. I was bitter that I didn’t have time to read the other 2 books in my BN because I’m dying to know what happens. Also, if you start delivering super secret email updates sign me up. I’m nosy like that, and I refuse to be judgemental out loud.

  13. I want to be on the private email list too-I love reading all of your posts! Plus I don’t see what there is to judge? Also, what did you think of the Hunger Games? I had to wait until Sunday to go see it.

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