I’m Going to the Financial Blogger Conference!

I’m really excited to report that I’m heading to Chicago for the Financial Blogger Conference on October 1-2. Originally, I decided not to go because I feel like I’m not a “real” financial blogger. And I still feel that way to an extent, but I figure wannabes can go too. :)

The funny thing is that I keep having these urges to spend money in preparation for the conference. I tell myself I need new clothes. New luggage. An iPad (which I’m saving for anyway) so I can blog more easily while I’m there. I need to pay someone to clean my car in case anyone rides in it. Come to think of it, I need to do something with my hair, too. Ever since I registered, I can come up with like fifty things I desperately need right this minute to be presentable enough to meet all the cool PF bloggers.

How messed up is that? A mass gathering of people who try to live within their means and be financially responsible, yet it tempts me to throw everything I’m working on out the window. And for what? To make everyone think I’m a dork who hasn’t learned anything about money?

I’m not giving in. Nope, not going to do it. Okay, I might get the iPad if I save the money before October. And I will probably buy some clothes, not because of the conference but because I haven’t bought clothes in over a year. And because I’ve gained a ton of weight and my pants don’t fit any more.


So in the interest of being accountable, which is why I started doing this in the first place, I am pledging now that I will not make any stupid purchases despite my excitement about going to the conference. I feel like I need a Spenders Anonymous meeting right now.

Am I the only person who does stuff like this? It’s okay if I am; I’m just wondering.

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  • Jenny @ exconsumer

    Hi Andrea! I found you through a comment you left on Travis from @DebtChronicles' guest post over at Hanuiloa. :)

    I love all of your little money graphs in the right sidebar of your blog! I'm trying to wipe out the rest of my consumer debt too, so I keep graphs of my progress as well.

    Congratulations on deciding to attend the Financial Bloggers Conference. I'm wondering if I should look into it. Like you, I feel like I'm not a *real* PF blogger.

    It's great to find you!

  • Andrea

    Hi, Jenny! Thanks for visiting. I vote you register for the conference and you can hang out with me at the uncool kid's table! :)

  • Diva in Debt

    Hi Andrea!
    Ha! I am totally the same. Any new event is an excuse to doll myself up, spending money I don't have to look like I have lots of money. It's a sickness. But the good news is that you are conscious of your thoughts and therefore able to control them. Good job!

  • babybluewater

    Funny post! Good for you recognizing things and slowing down and not actually spending a ton of money. I wish I could go but maybe next year! It sounds like it'll be a great time. Have fun :)

  • Her Every Cent Counts

    You're not the only one. I also had the urge to go spend a lot of money on stuff for the conference once I decided I was going… esp a new wardrobe! But hopefully other PF types will understand why I'm wearing last year's style!

  • Andrea

    I'm glad some of you are also tempted to shop for the conference… Makes me feel a little better! I hope there is a discussion of what people are going to wear at some point - don't want to show up in jeans and t-shirts if everyone else is dressing up!

  • Lindy Mint

    Well, I guess it's a good thing I decided not to go (at least for now), since I would probably be doing the same thing :)

    I usually feel the need to spend it up whenever I know I'll have out-of-town guests coming - I need new towels, a new rug, some artwork…