Spending Roundup for June

Wow. You guys are going to die when you read this one. Spoiler: I fail at life.

Here’s the breakdown of where my money went in June:

Fixed Expenses
These are the easy ones. My car payment, car insurance, AT&T bill,cable/internet, and CC payments fall into this category. I budgeted$750 and spent $750.

Budget was $250. I spent $259.47.

Gas is currently $3.39/gal. in my area. Hooray for cheaper gas! I budgeted $250 and spent $225.

I contributed $200 to my Roth this month and $135 toward various sections of my savings.

Budget was $150. I spent $194, thanks to a jump in my electric bill. I’ve set a reminder on my phone to change to levelized billing as soon as I pay it next time (they won’t let you switch when you have a balance, and I keep forgetting to catch it on time).

Budget was $150. I spent $199.27. This will change dramatically when I switch jobs in August. I’ll be taking my lunch every day because I won’t have time to go out to get food.

Budget was $100. I spent $80. Why the miraculous decrease, you ask? I’ll be telling you in an upcoming post.

Okay, here’s where you guys are going to come after me with virtual torches and pitchforks. And I deserve it because I was just plain stupid this month - or in the last two weeks, more specifically.

My ex randomly gave me $200 “because I haven’t helped you out much lately.” Combined with what I had left out of my $2150 for the month, I had $307.26 free. (That doesn’t include 2nd job earnings, because I forgot to keep track of them like a big dork. But that money went straight to savings anyway.) And here’s where it went:

  • $25.25 to preorder a LoveDrop t-shirt. I defend this purchase because it’s for a good cause.
  • $78.50 for a custom made purse to hold my iPad AND all my junk. Yes, I bought a similar bag last month. It didn’t hold as much as I thought it would. Leave me alone.
  • $53.66 for a new comforter. Which I desperately needed. I won’t even describe what I’ve been using on my bed because it’s tragic.
  • $75.22 for random stuff at Walmart. I honestly don’t even remember what I bought, but I know none of it was truly necessary.
  • $42.14 for underwear, a hamper, and a new wallet at Target.

All this left $25.23 in my checking account, which is my current balance. And I’m about to spend probably $13 of that on lunch once I finish this post.

But wait! There’s more!

Remember how I had to use my credit card because someone stole my debit card number? Well, I was very disciplined about sending a payment each day to cover what I spent on the card. The new debit card came last Saturday and all was well. Except I forgot I don’t use credit cards anymore and I bought some stuff.

The damage:

  • $73.14 for a wireless Apple keyboard for the iPad (I justified it because I need a keyboard to type long blog posts. Yeah, I know.)
  • $40.31 for a case to hold said wireless keyboard. It matches the case I already bought for the iPad. And both match the custom purse I ordered. Do you see the sickness here?
  • $31.95 for an insulated lunch bag, which also happens to coordinate with the custom purse. I told myself I needed something to carry lunch to work in next month. Never mind the fact that I could have bought a lunch bag at Walmart for 6 bucks.

Yep. $145.40 on accessories that were totally unnecessary. And on an effing credit card On top of the unnecessary $274.77 I spent out of my checking account. That’s $275 I could have saved, and $145 I never should have spent in the first place.

I am NOT going to relapse. That card balance WILL be paid off the minute I get paid tomorrow and the card is now hidden away. I am so mad at myself I could scream.

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  • S Annemast15

    cant you just return some stuff? im confused.

  • http://www.sooverdebt.com Andrea @ SoOverDebt

    I could have, yes, but I made the decision to keep the things I bought because I had a use for them.