Yakezie Team 3 Link Roundup

I’m working on several posts, but I just feel pissy today and don’t think I can stay on topic. So instead, go read these unpissy (is that a word?) posts from some of my teammates at Yakezie!

Penny at The Saved Quarter has some tips for taking a vacation without breaking your budget. I’m so jealous of all the people taking vacations this summer since I’m broke and can’t go! I’ll be keeping these tips in mind if I ever get to go somewhere fun.

Fat Guy at Fat Guy Skinny Wallet featured a guest post that is also about saving money on vacation. I’m sensing a trend here, and while the information is great, it’s not helping my bad mood to think about the trips I’m NOT taking.

Jacob at My Personal Finance Journey has a cool guest post that teaches us how to avoid paying interest on credit card debt. Oh, how I wish I’d seen this post when I still had credit card debt. Yeah, because you might have missed it, but I paid off my last credit card!

Ashley at Money Talks posted about dealing with your electric bill. Personally, I’m on the levelized billing plan for my electric AND gas bills, and I love knowing how much I’ll pay each month instead of passing out when I open the bill.

Jackie at The Debt Myth talks about the awesomeness that is being debt free. Someday I hope to find out what that’s like, but for now I feel better just knowing I’m working on it.

Robert at My Multiple Incomes tells us there multiple ways to generate extra money on the side. I’m starting to see the value in having more than one source of income, though it’s not always easy!

Miss T at Prairie EcoThrifter welcomed a new staff member to her blogging team, Crystal from Budgeting in the Fun Stuff. I mean, I’m starting to feel a little left out - I think I have the only PF blog in the world Crystal isn’t posting on!

Ken at Spruce Up Your Finances talks about how he saves money by driving a 15 year-old car. My first car was 15 years old when I finally broke down and traded it in - I sure miss all those years without a car payment!

Robert at The College Investor asks readers, Are you well off? It’s interesting to see how people categorize wealth and financial well-being at various ages. Personally, I’d settle for “not bad” at this point!

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