Fighting the Urge to Spend

Oh. Em. Gee. I want to purchase this couch from Target SO badly. It’s on sale for $500, it would look perfect in my bedroom, and I just NEED to have it. Darn my subscriptions to home decor blogs that keep showing me pretty things!

You guys have no idea how close I came to just transferring money from savings, ordering the couch, and finding ways to justify it. Because I could totally justify something that amazing. Watch this: I was SO good when I went shopping last week. I have the money. It’s only $500. I could find some Target coupon codes in a matter of seconds. I’m going to be making a lot more money at the new job. I just paid off all my credit cards so I should reward myself! I need somewhere to sit and read in my bedroom (you know, because the bed isn’t very ergonomic). Owning that couch would put me one step closer to having a finished house. I would feel better about life if I made this purchase.

I could do that all day.

But I didn’t buy it. Instead, I tweeted about wanting it, thus removing the ability to buy on impulse because then I’d have to admit it to everyone. And I bookmarked it in case I still want it once I can afford it, though I’m slightly scared it will be discontinued like the lamps I wanted from Crate and Barrel. A $500 item is considered a major purchase, so I have to think about it for 30 days, plus save the money first. (I just love self-imposed rules!)

The thing is, couches are not unique items. They’re available everywhere. And while I do plan to buy one for my bedroom at some point, it would be stupid to do so when I don’t even have a headboard and nightstands right now. I get really caught up in Wow, it matches perfectly! kind of thinking, but I can guarantee I’ll be able to find something that looks good in my room when the time comes.

My hands are kind of shaky. This is one of the worst spending urges I’ve had in a long time. I just keep thinking, I don’t need this. I don’t need this. I don’t need this. And I’m using my coping skills by posting instead of buying. I think I need a sponsor I can call when this happens. Anyone want to volunteer? :)

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  • Niki

    You can call me!

    I love looking at things, especially for home, but I am a look and don’t buy girl. Or maybe a little bit of a look and save up girl.

    Congrats for not buying it.

  • Andrea @ SoOverDebt

    DM me your number and I totally might next time! Or at least text stalk you. :)

  • Andrea

    Hahaha you can call me and I’ll yell at ya :p

    BTW that couch, I’m sure, isn’t very ergonomic either so I just took away that line of reasoning for you! (Although… it is pretty) Good luck! Don’t buy it! Wait it out, you won’t regret it, I promise =)

  • Daisy

    OMG That’s a beautiful couch.

    But I love your rules. I think any purchase that big warrants rules like that. Good job for NOT buying it.

  • Miss T

    I have been fighting this urge myself so no worries, you are not alone. What I have found works well is writing down a list off all the things I want and then setting priorities. Once I have those set then I know how much to save in what month.

  • Bridget Gibson

    I would make a poor sponsor, because I really like that couch! haha

  • MommaStar

    Step away from the catalog/computer and sleep, sleep until you know longer have the urge for it. Maybe you can set up a couch fund? start small until you have enough for it. Once it’s all saved up see if you still want the couch.

  • Little House

    You’re doing a great job by writing about it instead! That is a nice couch, though.

  • Jolyn Myers

    Yes, I think your blogging has officially become your accountability partner! Congrats on the self control. I love to have a welcoming home, so I understand the urge com.pletely.

  • Marie at FamilyMoneyValues

    Learning to delay gratification is hard - but you are doing it!

  • Anonymous

    Do not, under any circumstances, call me. On the other hand, when you need someone to give you permission to buy something cute, that is when you should call me. I will *always* advise people to buy the cute thing. And good for you for not buying the couch… SO CUTE!

  • Andrea @ SoOverDebt

    Thanks, girls! Glad to know my support team consists of sticklers, enablers, AND cheerleaders! :)

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  • Allison

    Maybe this will help: I have that couch in a chair version and it’s not terribly comfortable. It’s fine to sit on for an evening when entertaining visitors, but it’s not a place to curl up and sink into. It’s not going to be your new favorite reading spot, is what I’m saying.

  • sAm

    I’d love to say you can call me, but I am such an enabler…it just wouldn’t be a good thing. That being said…next time I find myself in a similar situation, I will think of this post to talk myself out of whatever it is I want!!

  • Jackie

    I agree with Allison. It looks cute but I don’t think it’d be terribly comfortable for reading on. And good for you for sticking to your rules.

  • Debthater

    Nice job! I know the feeling. Accountability — having to admit what we did — is extremely helpful.

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  • Maggie@SquarePennies

    It is a very cute couch, but i can’t help but think the patterned fabroc could date it easily. Maybe you won’t care. How about this argument: if you change your color scheme it won’t go with the new one? My own preference is to pick a couch in a neutral color & add pillows or throws in colors and patterns. That way you don’t have to change the more expensive item. But I am pretty careful about money I put into furniture. I love a pillow in a great color and/or pattern as it can really perk up your mood. You can put it on a couch, chair, or bed as you like! And you can always recover it if you wish. Your 30-day rule is a good one!

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