Random Thoughts Before I (gasp!) Go Shopping

saw this the last time I went to the mall


So I’m going shopping today. Don’t fret - I have a specific purpose and I’m not going to deviate from my plan. When I took Jayden to get school clothes, I got $50 in Super Cash from Old Navy. I can go today and get $100 worth of clothing for $50. Of course I know they count on people spending more than the minimum, but they don’t know this girl. I can control myself. I think.

Anyway, I am totally excited about my restaurant points. Notice I still have nearly half of them left, and there are only a few days left in the month. I can’t wait to do my August spending roundup so you guys can see the difference in what I spent on restaurants - it’s a huge improvement!

Tomorrow I get my first paycheck from the new job. It’s going to be dismal - I think I only worked 4 days in the pay period because I took a week off. But that’s okay, because the emergency fund is at $2100 and I will be able to make it up later. I’ll probably cry a little when I see the amount of my direct deposit but I know it will be all right.

I never did find a good teen checking account for Jay. Then yesterday I see a tweet from ING Direct - they’re going to offer a checking/debit combo for teens! Hooray! I preregistered and will keep you guys posted. I’ve been kind of scared of ING since Capital One bought them, but so far things appear to be the same level of awesome as before.

I woke up this morning, went to the garage to get something out of my car, and nearly passed out when I opened the door. Apparently I hit a skunk yesterday - my car smells DISGUSTING! Per Google, there aren’t too many effective ways to get the stench off my car, so I’m going shopping in a car that reeks (though at least the inside still smells normal). Oh well. At least maybe people won’t park next to me and hit my car with their doors.

What’s up with you guys today? Doing anything exciting or random?

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  • Hunter @ Financially Consumed

    Have a fun shopping trip, and good luck controlling your spending at Old Navy. Love that place. Shame about the skunk. At least the smell is on the outside. Hopefully it’s not living under your hood?

  • http://www.sooverdebt.com Andrea @ SoOverDebt

    That made me LOL because I actually checked this morning to make sure! I think I hit a pile of skunk roadkill yesterday. The smell isn’t nearly as bad as it would be if I had hit a live one.