The Process of Selling Your Home Through a Property Buyer

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Property buying companies are becoming ever more popular as people begin to realise all the advantages that their service provides. Property buying companies offer quick cash purchases at a certain percentage below the assessed market value of the property. These quick sales avoid all the pitfalls of conventional sales including unreliable buyers, estate agent fees and months and months of stress and mortgage payments while you wait for your property to sell. But what is the process of selling your home through such a buyer?

Who Can Benefit from Using a Property Buying Company?

All kinds of people can benefit from the services of a property buying company, but those who require a quick sale - often within days - find them particularly advantageous. There are many reasons you might want to sell you property as soon as possible - perhaps you are getting divorced, or you have received an overseas job offers.

You may be in debt and want to use money from the sale of your property to pay off your loans. You may simply have seen the home of your dreams, and need to sell your current property to afford it. Regardless of the reason why you want a quick sale, a property buying company can help you to get access to your home equity in the smallest possible amount of time.

How does the purchasing process work when you use a property buyer?

Firstly, you will get in touch with the property buyer and talk to them about your property. They will need some information about your home such as the address, the postcode, what kind of property it is, whether you have conducted any improvements, and whether there is a sitting tenant. The exact information will vary from buyer to buyer, but they will be able to make it clear over the phone.
The property buyer will then research your property and the area in order to establish its market value. They may employ an independent assessor who will make a visit to your home, but this is not always necessary.
Then the property assessor makes you an offer. This whole process may be completed within 24 hours of your first contact with the company.

Working with a property buying company allows you to avoid much of the hassle and stress that is inherent to the traditional way of selling a property. The company will often be able to hire a solicitor for you, handle all the paperwork, and even pay the legal fees associated with the sale.

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