Weekend Reading: Wrong Turn Edition

You ever see that disgusting movie Wrong Turn? Basically some people make a — wait for it — WRONG TURN in the middle of nowhere and end up being chased by scary inbred people with waxy/melty faces who want to eat them. At least that’s what I remember from the few minutes I managed to watch without gagging.

Anyway, I think of that movie every time I make the long drive to my sister’s house on the other side of the state. Not because she’s a disfigured weirdo who eats people, because she’s totally not, but because going to visit her takes me through the mountainous areas of Kentucky where people go barefoot and make moonshine. Or something.

Today is my niece’s first birthday, so Jayden and I are hanging out at my sister’s house this weekend. I am always scared that my niece and nephew won’t know who I am since they’re so far away - I welcome any extra time I can spend with them, even if I risk being eaten along the way.

Since I’m busy partying it up baby-style, I left you some more great links to check out. These bloggers have been kind enough to link to me lately, so visit them and leave some comments!

Daniel at Sweating the Big Stuff asks the controversial question, Should tax evaders be given a safe haven? The offshore bank accounts we heard so much about in the 80s are finally coming back to bite Americans who used them to avoid paying taxes. The IRS is giving them a get out of jail (almost) free card. Go share your opinion!

JT at Cash Flow Mantra has reached 100 posts, and he’s giving away CASH to celebrate! There are only a few days left to enter, so go over and win some money! Also, check out JT’s new site, Grand Per Month, for into on changing your life with an extra $1000 a month. Who doesn’t like more money?

Anisha at NerdWallet tells us which credit cards the NerdWallet team members use and carry on a daily basis. While I have learned my lesson and steer clear of credit cards, apparently people exist who can use them the right way. You’d be surprised how many different cards the team uses and the benefits they get from each.

Bog of Debt is on a mission to find a budget that matches her lifestyle, and I think she’s on the right track with her current biweekly system. I applaud her decision to rework her budget according to changes in circumstances and to account for those unexpected things like dental work (yuck!).

Marissa at Thirty-Six Months gives us some awesome tools for paying bills online. I had never considered some of the options mentioned in her post, and there were even a couple I hadn’t heard of before. If you’re ready to quit buying stamps (especially since the postage rate is going up again tomorrow), check out her tips.

Jeffrey at Money Spruce isn’t investing for retirement. That’s right, he said it - a personal finance blogger who ISN’T throwing all his money in an IRA or 401(k). He has a good reason, though! Go check out his post and see if you agree that his plan makes the most sense for his current situation.

Matthew at Tao of Unfear has written one of my favorite posts of all time - a primer on communicating without fear. You might be surprised by the ways conventional wisdom prevents us from talking to others honestly (and without fear of being slapped into a wall). His tips will help you have the difficult conversations without causing World War III.

Tushar at Everything Finance provides a great FAQ on debt collection from the Federal Trade Commission. I wish I didn’t have personal experience with some of the issues mentioned, but now I know where to point my friends if they’re dealing with something similar. A must read!

Jessica at The Debt Princess has a few confessions, and you might be surprised to read them since she’s a personal finance blogger. Just goes to show that bloggers aren’t immune from making poor choices! Personally, I would rather read posts from someone real than a finance robot who has never done anything wrong.

Kennedi at Face and Fitness shares some cheap ways to get great skin. Can’t afford $200 for a facial at the spa? That’s okay, because neither can most people! I’ll be honest - most of her tips kind of made me sad because I’m being so cruel to my skin lately. I have printed that list to motivate myself to do better!


  • http://www.thedebtprincess.com/ Jessica

    Thanks for including me, I appreciate it. Have fun partying it up!

  • http://bogofdebt.wordpress.com/ Bogofdebt

    Thanks for the kind words! Enjoy your time with your family!

  • Anonymous

    Great list of posts, thanks for putting this together. There are a few blogs up here that I have not visited before and it is always great to find fresh blogs to follow.

  • Gabracosa

    HAHAHA Being raised in California, the weirdo people in backwoods country was always kinda creepy for me.l Even the people that live in remote parts of Cali was kinda creepy. That is until you get to know them. Then, it turns out that a whole lot of them are the nicest people people you’ll ever meet.
    I once ran off the road (on my sportbike) and down a small(30-40ft) cliff in a remote mountain area. The locals helped me get the bike out, and transport me to a cafe down the road where I got a chance to rest. The lady there even made me some nice soup.

    Thanks for the links. I looked at one of them and will look at the others too.
    Have fun with your niece and nephew (and sis).

  • Bucksome

    Hey, my grandparents are from the part of Kentucky you’re talking about. Of course, I probably shouldn’t admit that….

  • http://www.mymoneydesign.com/ MyMoneyDesign

    That’s the second time today I’ve heard about that movie! I was just checking Redbox and saw they made a “Wrong Turn 4″. I didn’t even know there was a “2″ and “3″. Thanks for links. I’ll be checking a few of them out.

    • http://www.sooverdebt.com Andrea @ SoOverDebt

      I am shuddering at the thought of 3 more movies… The first one was bad enough! I’m reminding myself to avoid Redbox for awhile.

  • http://www.taoofunfear.com Matt, Tao of Unfear

    Haha. Do you fear being slapped into a wall often? Thanks for the mention, and good luck with the tornadoes?

  • http://everythingfinanceblog.com Tushar Mathur

    Thanks for the mention Andrea. Appreciate it.