Weekend Reading: On the Radio Edition

Last week, I got an email from an AM radio show in Atlanta called Butler on Business. They wanted to interview me about So Over Debt live on the air. For some reason I thought this would be a great idea!

Thursday morning, I drove to my parents’ house to use their landline for the interview since I didn’t trust my cell phone. I want to say I was nervous, but that would be a ridiculous understatement. I felt like I was going to throw up! Just knowing that the interview was live terrified me - I kept thinking, What if I blank out and there’s an awkward silence?

I received a call from the studio about 2 minutes before the interview started and was placed on hold. When the show came back from commercial, I was actively willing myself not to pass out. Who knew that a simple interview would be so terrifying? My voice was shaky and weird and I didn’t sound like myself at all. Every time I answered a question, I would realize I wasn’t saying what I wanted to, but I couldn’t exactly start over.

In short, I sounded like a total idiot and didn’t portray myself or the site in the way I wanted to. However, it was a good experience overall - I was more nervous than I’ve ever been in my life, I did it anyway, and I survived. Hopefully if I ever do another interview I’ll be a little more prepared.

If you’d like to get a good laugh, feel free to listen to the mp3 of the interview:

Andrea Whitmer_Butler on Business_022312

Onto the Links!

I’ve been behind on reading other blogs this week, which is disappointing because there were some AWESOME posts out there! Go check out these posts from my spring Yakezie team.

Ultimate Smart Money discusses selling your old iPad before you get the iPad 3, which is rumored to be released in early March. Since I opted for a used original iPad last summer, I’ll be upgrading to take advantage of the increased speed and (hopefully) battery life. I haven’t decided whether to sell my old one or keep it for Jayden to use.

Retire by 40 tells us how to save money with Craigslist. I am probably one of the only people on the planet who has never bought or sold anything on Craigslist - I’m always nervous about getting (1) stalked, (2) ripped off, or (3) addicted to it. After reading this post, though, it sounds like Craigslist has a lot of advantages over eBay.

Black Freelancer is giving away an iPod Shuffle! You have until the 29th to enter, so hurry over for your chance to win! The Shuffle was the first iPod I ever owned, and I still like it for times when I’m cleaning or moving around a lot. Much easier to clip my Shuffle to my shirt than carry my iPhone in my pocket!

Cult of Money explains how government budgets work. I actually had no idea, and this post was a major eye-opener for me. As much as I struggled with making a personal budget, I don’t envy the people in charge of coming up with a budget for something as massive as the government!

Your Finances Simplified gives us 9 ways to improve curb appeal without breaking the bank. If you’ve ever bought or sold a home, you know how important it is to make a good first impression. Since most of us can’t afford to hire landscapers or redo the entire outside of the house, these tips are great ways to make a home look amazing.

My Broken Coin asks, A Feminist or a Bitch? I think there’s definitely a perception that women who stand up for their rights are bitches. I’m not a man hater by any means, but I do believe in equal opportunity. I think far too many people interpret that the wrong way.

Cents to Save just started a new job, but the job isn’t working out too well. I’ve been in that situation before - it’s horrible to realize that a job sucks right after you start, but I also think it’s good to figure it out before you waste time in training. I actually quit a job after one day - I’ll have to tell that story sometime.

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  • http://carefulcents.com Carrie Smith

    I think you did great on the interview. Yes, I wouldn’t really know it was you on the radio, your voice sounds totally different. I enjoyed listening to it, it sounded fantastic to me. Congrats on your first major radio interview. That’s pretty awesome.

    • http://www.sooverdebt.com Andrea @ SoOverDebt

      I’m SO GLAD to hear someone that knows me say the same thing about my voice sounding weird. I just cringed when I finally got the courage to listen to it, because I feel like that doesn’t sound like me at all. I’m just glad I didn’t say anything completely stupid - though I would definitely respond differently if I could do it over!

  • http://mybrokencoin.com/ Aloysa @My Broken Coin

    What a great interview Andrea! I loved every minute of it. You even cracked some jokes. I was thinking about myself in your situation, I probably would sound like a robot. Way to go, girl!
    Thank you for the mention!

    • http://www.sooverdebt.com Andrea @ SoOverDebt

      Ugh, I don’t like it! I usually make a little more sense than that when I talk. I wish I had known the questions ahead of time!

  • http://formerbanker.com/ Will

    You perfectionist you!!! I don’t even want to begin thinking about being on the radio. Sounded fine to me…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NNQTITGQC3L7GHWAKXTTBRIDVA Rachel

    Well you didn’t come across as a nervous wreck. I can sympathize about not liking the way your voice sounded though. In one of my previous jobs all of our calls were recorded, and we had to listen to 3 of them with our boss each month to improve our “customer service” (not really a lot of that in collections to be honest). I dreaded those days. My voice goes up an octave when I’m on the phone apparently. I sound like a small child when I’m recorded. My biggest phobia was that one of my calls would be selected for team wide or god forbid call center wide training.

    • http://www.sooverdebt.com Andrea @ SoOverDebt

      Oh I can’t stand to hear myself or see myself on a recording. If that’s the way I really sound/look to other people, it makes me want to hide for the rest of my life! I don’t know how people do it. What you described would be like my own personal hell.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NNQTITGQC3L7GHWAKXTTBRIDVA Rachel

        I know the feeling for sure. I think I’ve managed to repress all the horrible memories.

  • http://www.thedebtprincess.com/ Jessica

    Congrats on scoring an interview! You have had so many great opportunities lately. So great for you and your site!

  • Chris77789

    Not sure why you would upgrade your iPad even if the newest version is faster. You just did a post about not being able to afford moving so that your son can go to a more appropriate school. Even if you stay in the same area, more money in the future may need to be spent on your son’s education/needs. Can you make do without upgrading?

    • http://www.sooverdebt.com Andrea @ SoOverDebt

      I think there’s a big difference between spending a few hundred dollars (that I already have set aside) on an iPad and moving across the state to pay $8000 a year for private school. That said, Jayden is going to need an iPad at some point - he can take notes, do assignments, and (eventually) have all his textbooks in one place. Also, speed is important for the one I have because I use it for writing, which is my full time job. I don’t know yet if I’ll get the 3 and give him the one I have now, or sell mine, buy the new one, then buy him whatever is current at the time when he needs one for school.

  • http://squirrelers.com/ Squirrelers

    That’s cool that you got an interview opportunity! Your writing is really good, and I’m glad that people are recognizing this and you’re starting to get other opportunities. Well deserved.

    I have actually had one near-interview, where a Canadian talk show (even though I’m in the Chicago area) wanted to interview me after coming across my Squirreling Gone Wild posts. I talked to the screener, but then they never called back. I think they thought that I was the one pulling all the stunts, where I usually write about others. Oh well.

  • http://www.moneyaftergraduation.com/ Bridget

    omg! your accent!!

    You sound so different IRL than when I read your blog and I hear your voice in my head (does that sound creepy??)

    • http://www.sooverdebt.com Andrea @ SoOverDebt

      Yes, yes it does.

  • http://www.newlywedsonabudget.com/ Newlyweds on a Budget

    i think you did awesome!! and i LOOOOOVE your accent!! I would have never guessed you had one!!

  • http://twitter.com/MaldivianFB MaldivianFinanceBlog

    I must say you did really great and congratulations.