Taming the iWant

I’m driving to the Apple Store today to have the battery in my phone repaired. Generally, I avoid going at all costs, because if Target and the mall are danger zones for my spending addiction, the Apple Store is a tornado in an erupting volcano, sprinkled with landmines and nuclear waste.

Some people scoff at my love of iDevices. They’re so overpriced. You’re paying the Apple tax. You’d be much happier with [insert non-Apple product here]. I can understand and appreciate the fact that not everyone wants iDevices. Not everyone is willing to pay higher prices or wait in lines or buy into the hype. And sometimes I wish I could be one of those cool people who can stand back and honestly say, “There’s no reason for me to buy any of those things.” But I’d be lying, and I’m a big fan of the truth.

I’ve been criticized before, both online and in real life, for daring to own expensive electronic devices when I’m in debt and/or don’t make a million dollars a year. But, believe it or not, I’ve never added to my debt with an Apple product. Every single one of them has been purchased with cash. And I don’t really care if people like it or not - I’d venture to say that most of us have purchased things that other people don’t like.

The good news is, there are very few iDevices that I don’t already own. But it doesn’t mean I’m immune to iWant. There are always upgrades and accessories. And I don’t know if you’ve ever been in an Apple store, but HOLY CRAP those places are amazing.

But I don’t need to spend money. I don’t need anything new. And I’m confident that I can walk out of there today with only my repaired phone. And it helps to know you guys will be ready to kick my butt if I don’t.

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debtblackhole 6 pts

I'm still eyeballing the MacBook Pro. I've avoided recent trips to the local mall because of the Apple Store there. Out of sight, out of mind...until your post, that is. Thanks a lot! ;)

Nick-SAFTM 6 pts

Hey, at least you know it's an iWant and not an iNeed, unlike the rest of the world :)

Freedom 48 6 pts

Everyone values different things. I think as long as those big purchases are planned for in advance, budgeted etc. - then why not? Enjoy! \we wanted an iPad for the past year, but made a decision to wait until the iPad3's came out... when prices would drop for the iPad 2... and when it did, we pounced on it. Well worth the splurge... and we don't feel guilty one single bit, because we planned for it ahead of time. Now we're enjoying our new iPad =)

rhitter1994 5 pts

I want an iPad so much, it hurts. However, this is the year I will be getting on iPhone, but only the iPhone 4. I really don't need some phone saying they found something for me when I can find it myself!

hithatsmybike 5 pts

Agreed! I want an iPad so bad =( .... I just typed that on my MacBook Air. Maybe I need to get a grip, or maybe I just need to get a grip on an iPad.

Budgetable 5 pts

Does this comment seem fuzzy? .... wouldn't if you had a fancy new iPad w/ retina... think about it..

BruceBucks 5 pts

My wife got an iPhone and I decided to get an HTC android phone. I didn't give into iWant, but the fact of the matter is, I settled for inferior product. Sometimes it is better to fall into iWant.

NewlywedsBudget 5 pts

I want a new phone because mine sucks and i always have problems with it, but i'm waiting for the iphone 5 to come out. come on october!!

impulsesave 5 pts

You got this, girl! You can totally control yourself. Just remember that your friends at ImpulseSave are here to help, too :) They're shiny, and sleek, and simply - but be strong!

DontDebt 5 pts

I've never totally understood the iCraze, but that's just me. I have a nice phone, but it's not an iAnything. My cellular provider isn't AT&T; and doesn't offer those, so maybe that's part of my immunity. It wasn't available anyway. But I've seen people - one person I'm thinking of in particular - who want the latest, greatest, fastest, best technologies and she doesn't even *really* have the need for any of them. She works as a line worker in a factory, doesn't have a work email address, doesn't run a business on the side, doesn't even monitor her personal email. At. All. She only has an email address because it's required for some things and it came free through her internet service provider. It seems ridiculous to me that she would be so into technology. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I'm in front of a computer screen 7.5 hours a day at work. Actually, I have two screens - double the work, lol.

But I digress. It seems like you have a plan, so stick to it. You'll be happy with yourself if you do. If you don't stick with your plan, well, you're human and get to choose things like that.

bogofdebt 5 pts

Over Christmas, I just got my first iDevice and I absolutly love it. I say continue on with what you are doing--you do amazing and you don't go into debt over them so why not? I've had people mention the fact that I'm saving for a wedding while still in debt but I just continue on with what I'm doing. I'm still saving to get out of debt and I've limited my book buying (which is amazingly hard for me to do) so I think I'm doing okay.

The Debt Princess 6 pts

the only iThing I own is a first gen, ipod shuffle that I got refurbished 10yrs ago. You know my current dilemma. I'm really trying to not buy an iPad. But I am being fairly smart. I'm looking at first gen, refurbished/used iPads and not the newest one. If I could get one for about $200, I think I'd buy!

Rachel @ Read That Reviews 6 pts

Good luck in your personal toy store. Stay strong. That's like me walking into a half price books or a store that sells my calligraphy supplies.

SenseofCents 5 pts

I don't think there's anything wrong with buying "wants." I get criticized for going on vacations, but it's pretty much the only thing I spend my money on.

afistfulodollars 5 pts

Good luck, be strong! I have an iPhone 3GS and everyone I work with has upgraded to at least the 4 if not the 4S. However, I'd be charged through the nose for an upgrade with my current carrier and I have about a year left before I'm free of them forever, so I'm waiting to upgrade (mostly out of spite! I hate my cell carrier!). I have an iPad 2 and I also want to avoid seeing them in store because I know the green-eyed iMonster will be out in full force!

Kraig @ Young, Cheap Living 5 pts

Haha. I won't kick your butt if you buy something! It sounds like you're all prepped to go in there, do your business, and walk out. Heck, I walk in there almost every time I go past it in the mall (which isn't very often because I stay out of the mall), and I don't buy anything. I agree that the store is just flat out amazing. I don't think it will destroy anyone financially to buy a thing or two in there, After all, their products can help us with productivity and all sorts of other things in our personal and professional lives. If they can help us, and they don't put us into more debt or distract us too much from gaining traction, then I say what the heck. Enjoy life a little.

addvodka 7 pts

I definitely know what you mean; I really want an iPad but I can't justify buying one right now. My iPhone is a 3G. It's 2 years old and dying for an upgrade.