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FINCON11: Meet Kyle the Douchebag

  Picture this: It’s the last night of FINCON11. We’re partying at John Barleycorn courtesy of Ramit Sethi. I go onto the balcony in the freezing temperatures for a smoke break and to take off my super cute (AKA uncomfortable) shoes … Continue reading

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I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  Wow, so I just woke up and checked my bank account, as I do every other Saturday, to see the amount of my direct deposit. I was especially interested to see this one because it’s the first from my … Continue reading

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Is Money Eroding My Conscience?

The past few months have been full of posts about work. Back in June, I decided I was over my old job. Then I had an epiphany that led to my current job (which I actually like). Some of you … Continue reading

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Update: I Think I Like My Job

I’m almost scared to say anything this early, but I’m pretty sure I am going to love my new job. I went to the high school last Tuesday and met all the staff - they are (shockingly) thrilled to have … Continue reading

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