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A Lesson on Debt Management from our Lousy Lawmakers

This is a guest post from Jessica Wagner. Washington’s awash with wimps when it comes to negotiating on debt, driving up fears that the United States might actually manage to slip into default. While that’s probably not going to happen given the potential consequences, this kind of brinksmanship makes the country look bad to the [...]

How Bankruptcy Works, Part Two

Yesterday we went over some of the basics of filing for bankruptcy protection. Today I’ll continue where I left off, starting with your court date.

How Bankruptcy Works

Bankruptcy is one of those topics no one wants to think about. Admitting you can’t pay your bills kind of sucks, especially if you live in the US, where we are taught from birth that it’s our duty to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and contribute to society. We know we’re supposed to pay [...]

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