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Update: Operation Rebuild Credit

So I realized it’s been awhile since I talked about the state of my credit. Partially because it still sucks, but also because I hate the judgment that always follows. Nonetheless, if I’m going to have a blog about getting out of debt, I’ve got to talk about my debt at some point, right? As [...]

5 Tips to Help You Stop Using Your Credit Cards

The following is a guest post. Using your credit cards excessively, especially near the end of the month to cover the last couple of days till your payday can be an extremely bad habit. The more you rely on credit cards, the more you add to your debt each month. Credit cards also have extremely [...]

How Much Does That Pair of Pants Really Cost?

This is a guest post from my friend (and new blogger), Debt and the Girl. Please check out her blog and show her some love! The downfall of many Americans is the frequent use of credit cards and the many, many items that can be purchased with just a swipe of that shiny plastic. Americans [...]

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