3 Debt Options That Probably Won’t Save You Money

I’m always amazed by the number of commercials, print ads, and radio jingles dedicated to financial products and services. No matter how much we try to resist, they often get stuck in our heads for months (and sometimes years) whether … Continue reading

I Need Your Help!

EDIT: THANKS SO MUCH FOR VOTING! I WON!!!!!! Here’s What’s Up I entered a contest through ImpulseSave to win a $500 blogging contract. Three bloggers will win, and I WANT TO BE ONE OF THEM!!! I need the money badly, … Continue reading

The Eurozone Crisis is Starting to Affect US Lending

This is a guest post from Payplan.com. The Eurozone money crisis currently affecting Europe has started to impact US bank lending. This news comes after the latest survey of 50 loan officers at the Federal Reserve. How could this affect … Continue reading

How to Escape the Evil Clutches of Payday Loans

Disclaimer: This post may seem hypocritical to some because I have accepted advertising from payday loan companies in the past. However, there is a huge difference between letting a payday loan company pay me for an ad and actually recommending … Continue reading