I Need Your Help!

Mon, Nov 21, 2011

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Here’s What’s Up

I entered a contest through ImpulseSave to win a $500 blogging contract. Three bloggers will win, and I WANT TO BE ONE OF THEM!!! I need the money badly, plus I’d love the opportunity to blog for ImpulseSave for awhile.

We were supposed to write about a “money story of pain, woe, misguidance, or sheer ignorance,” and you guys know that’s kind of my area of expertise.

Here’s How to Help

Want to read my post? Click here to read the tale of the $12,000 Sofa. There’s a link to go to the poll.

Love me enough to vote without reading? Click here to go directly to the Facebook poll.


20 Responses to “I Need Your Help!”

  1. Tanner E says:

    Very interesting (and scary) story. Havent had time to check the rest of the entries, but will do that at some point. There are so many of them. You have my vote though.

  2. Jeffrey Trull says:

    Oh man, I think that might beat JD's infamous $1,500 frisbee story! Hope you win!

  3. Shannyn @frugalbeaut says:

    You are so cool.  :)  I tweeted that fo shizzy.

  4. Jesort415 says:

    I voted!! Good Luck.

  5. 20sFinances says:

    Good luck! Definitely voted for you.

  6. Marissa says:

    Voted! My sister did the same with her laptop. I, therefore, hate finance companies.

  7. Cash Flow Mantra says:

    Good luck to you.  I voted for you. 

  8. Andrea P says:

    Congrats, you are awesome. Well deserved!


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