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January 2012 Income and Expenses

It’s the end of January, and I have officially survived a month of self-employment! Woohoo!!!!! My income and expenses for the month were… interesting. It’s so hard to plan when I don’t know what to expect. I have a feeling I’ll spend most of the year fumbling around until I figure out a good pattern. [...]

Want to Get Out of Debt Fast? Just Use Super Powers!

Getting out of debt really isn’t very exciting. Don’t get me wrong - sometimes I squeal a little when I make an extra payment, and I threw a virtual party when I paid off all my credit cards - but I’ve noticed that the process is largely full of dull milestones over years of hard [...]

Unsent Letters: Self Employed Still Means Working Edition

Dear Real Life Friends, I feel like my verbal explanations of what I do all day haven’t been effective, so maybe a letter will help you understand a few things. Yes, my work clothes are pajamas and a bathrobe most days. I traded in my flat iron and commute for bedhead and dogs on my [...]

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