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Fri, Aug 5, 2011


CONTEST CLOSED - Thanks for participating!!!!!

Hooray! Today I’m celebrating my 100th post here at So Over Debt, and I’d like to invite all of you to celebrate with me. In honor of 100 posts in 6 months of blogging, I’m giving away a $25 gift card to the vendor of your choice!

The rules:

  • The vendor you choose must offer an e-giftcard option. Examples of places that do this: Amazon, Target, Walmart, Sephora, Macy’s, Chili’s, Bath and Body Works, iTunes…. Pretty much any store you can imagine. That way I don’t have ask for your address.
  • If the winner doesn’t specify a store, s/he will receive an Amazon gift card.
  • The winner will be chosen using random.org - if you have questions, email me.
  • Entries will be accepted until Friday, August 12 at 8 PM CST. At that time, comments will be closed and a winner will be chosen on Saturday, August 13.
  • If the winner does not claim his/her prize within 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen.

How to enter:

To enter the contest, simply comment on this post with your most embarrassing financial moment and what gift card you’d like if you win.

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Good Luck!

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122 Responses to “100th Post Giveaway! [CLOSED]”

  1. Retireby53.com says:

    My most embarrassing financial moment was not too long ago. I often go out places with my wallet at home or in the car just so I won't spend. Well this particular day I had forgotten my wallet in the car thankfully but my purse was still so heavy that I didn't remember I was without wallet. I get to Whole Foods and was hungry so I brought lots of food, about $30 worth. Cashier is ringing up my groceries and there is of course a long line behind me. Cashier is done cashing and well I realize I don't have my wallet!! So I tell her it's in my car and I will be right back and she looks at me like, " yeah you not coming back". Thankfully she had just set everything aside, but she did continue to ring up other customers while I was gone!

  2. Sarahshannon says:

    I had an embarassing moment this week when my husband asked me, why do they keep calling me from AT & T saying we haven't paid our bill!  Oops.  He's not the account holder - not sure why they called him instead of me.  I really need to get on top of our bill paying….

  3. Jenn @ Paying Myself says:

    My most embarrassing financial moments are times when I didn't follow my bank balance closely enough and realized there was a cheque out there just waiting to bounce!

  4. Margie says:

    My most embaressing money moment was when I went to open a checking account at a credit union with my dad (so I could get access to his safe deposit box) and they told me I was in the CheqSystem for a BofA account that went deliquent in 2008 - now paid in full but still in the system! And right in front of my dad, Mr. Frugal.  I wanted to crawl under the desk. 

    I would love an Amazon gift card!

  5. Hunter @ Financially says:

    I went to the commissary yesterday and was stopped at the door. I had forgotten my military ID. I had to drag all the kids back to the car, in 100 degree heat, with no groceries. If that wasn't bad enough, I then called my wife and asked if she could kindly do the grocery shopping on her way home from work. Egg on face X2.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I got declined for a cup of coffee on my debit card once back in the day.

  7. Allison says:

    My most embarrassing moment had to be when I wrote a check out to my credit card and wrote the check not for what I wanted to pay on the card but instead for the entire balance of my checking account! Before writing the check out, I had recorded it in my checkbook's register, subtracted the amount to get my new balance, and then inadvertantly wrote that amount on the check. The worst part is I didn't realize I'd done it so I was bouncing checks left and right. I had to go in to the bank and have the teller look up my account and explain the problem. Mortifying. Now I always use carbon copy checks so I can go back and make sure the amount I wrote out is the same amount I recorded in the register.

  8. Penny says:

    I'm SUPER organized and one of the most embarassing things for me financially was when I went to put pay off one of my loans early.  I was going to transfer some money from my savings account into my checking account so that I could pay online through my debit card. However, instead of transferring the money into my checking accout, I transferred it to FROM my checking account (into my savings).  Thus, I overdrafted. Doh!  :)   Thankfully, the bank  was super great and fixed everything for me at no charge (and no fee).  Uffda!

  9. MommaStar says:

    Most financial embarrassing moment was when I held up the line at Target with my canceled credit card. I was so adamant that my card worked so I made the cashier run it while I called the company only to find out my husband canceled it.

    I would like a Target Card so that I can go in there knowing I have money to spend :)

  10. Channynn says:

    Having to ask my Dad for money. It's not exactly a great story, but it was very humbling.

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  11. Littlegray88 says:

    Most embarrasing- not writing a check for a long time and then forgetting exactly how to write checks!!!
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  12. Robert @ My Multiple says:

    Congrats on the 100th post!  Huge milestone!

    My most embarrassing financial moment was when I was sure of an options trade that cost me $2,000!  Oh well, I learned a painful lesson about how options work!

  13. Kristin says:

    My most embarrassing financial moment was when I stopped to get coffee at Starbucks went inside and the line was so long waited forever ordered everyone's drinks that I was bring to them and realized I had no wallet on me to pay for everything. I was completely mortified esp the looks that I got. Now I always leave a twenty dollar bill in my car just in case something like that happens again.

  14. Ashley Kennedy says:

    I once went out to dinner with a work friend and when it got time to pay I used my card, which was rejected, because my account had been locked for 'suspicious activity' and I had no idea! My friend ended up having to pay for me, so embarrassing!

  15. Anonymous says:

    My most embarrassing financial moment was when I had gone food shopping with my young children.  I had filled the cart and the cashier rung up the whole order.  I went into my purse and discovered my wallet wasn't in it.  Here I had this huge food order, two kids in tow, the line was long and I had no way of paying.  I was so embarrassed, especially with all the other people in line seeing this take place.Thanks so much.

  16. Anajana says:

    Most embarrassing financial moment is the recurring one of "Oh, bloody hell, thought I had that taken care of." This week it's having to call or email all the creditors to tell them "No money this week: I got pulled off the long-term case I was on, and am being oriented to two new ones, so a bit tight until regular paychecks come in again." Just another little bump in the road on my way to becoming an Anat Baniel Method Practitioner, but still. . . JUST when I was getting my emergency fund and all set up again. *sigh* *grin* Ah, well. It's all on the job training, this living thing, isn't it?

  17. Jan says:

    My most embarrassing moment was when I gave a check to my French tutor from the wrong account and the check bounced!

  18. Anonymous says:

    My most embarrassing moment was forgetting my wallet when I was taking some friends out for dinner.

  19. sAm says:

    My most embarrassing moment is when I've had my card declined. I know this happens to more than just me, but I could've crawled away.

  20. Insomniac Lab Rat says:

    My most embarrassing financial moment was also having a card declined. I was in college, and I was waiting for payday (direct deposit to my checking account) to buy the shoes I was going to wear in my wedding. I had mixed up what day it was, and had been thinking about the shoes a lot, so I went a day early to buy them, and of course my debit card got declined. The cashier was an older woman, and the look on her face just screamed "look at this stupid college kid who is trying to buy shoes when she doesn't even have enough money".

    I know this happens to a lot of people, but I was MORTIFIED. I was normally so careful with my money, I couldn't believe that I screwed up like that!

    I would love a Macy's gift card, so I can keep working on my "grown up" wardrobe :) Congrats on 100 posts!

  21. Danielle says:

     probably when my card was declined at dinner with friends. had to ask my friend to pay for me. stupid fraud from Singapore and my bank not contacting me! epic bank fail!


  22. brittney says:

    Recently I got really embarrassed at the gas station because my debit card was declined after I had already pumped $40 worth of gas. I had no cash on me at the time. Had to leave a form of id at the station and go to the bank to see what was up (my pay check should have been deposited the day before). Turns out they put a hold on my account because I had ordered something online that only cost $6 and it was "suspicious".

  23. Anonymous says:

    My most embarrassing financial moment would have to be miscalculating the end of my grace period for beginning my student loan payments by three months and having to take a humbling call from a collections agency.  I felt like a criminal under interrogation the entire time and learned the hard way to be more diligent about keeping track of payment schedules!

    -Geoff K
    gkaufmanss at yahoo dot com

  24. Linda Lansford says:

    Most embarresing was I deposited a $7000 check and the bank recorded it as $7. The bank had to send letters for each bounced check.

  25. Kaitlyn Ortega says:

    My most embarrassing financial moment was when I had to confess to fiance (now hubby so it worked out) that I had forgotten to go to a SHIP class for our first home. I made a stupid mistake and almost lost us $12,000 in home buying grants. It was the biggest, most expensive crow I have ever eaten. 

  26. HS @ Our Debt Blog says:

    Long time ago, I rang up a $250 bar tab and my credit card was declined. I had to give the manager my driver's license and come back the next day… very embarrassing once you're sober.

  27. Sarah Olson says:

    Letting my checking account overdraft by $2…thankfully I transferred $100 into the account the same day, so I was never hit with overdraft fees!

  28. Wendy S. says:

    I recently got a new credit card. I went to the website to pay it off the first month, put in my info, submitted my payment, and didn't think on it again. I always assume my online bank statement is current and correct, so I didn't notice that the CC payment wasn't deducted and I went on spending as normal. A few weeks later, I got a letter in the mail saying that the information I submitted for my CC was incorrect and that the card was frozen until the balance was paid. I had to call and explain that I didn't have the money right that moment, but would pay it off in a few weeks when I got paid again. I was so embarrassed. I'm sure they thought I was some deadbeat who was trying to get away with not paying her CC.

  29. Amanda S says:

    My most embarassing financial was when I ordered lunch through the drivethrough at mcdonalds and i went to pay and my card was declined bc i forgot that my gym membership came out automatically the day before.

  30. JD says:

    Plain and simple, I was on a date with someone I've been wanting to be with for a long time. I forgot to realize that I went over my credit limit, but just paid the bill that day, so I didn't think anything of it. Whoops, so went to a nice restaurant and then it was time to pay. Well, my credit card didn't work because the payment didn't go through and then had multiple owners come by and threatening to call the cops. I had to think fast and so I had my mom come in and pay the bill. Talk about embarrassing!! ( That relationship didn't last past that dinner, sadly.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Wow, there are so many embarrassing moments to choose between! I'm not embarrassed easily, but when my debit card is declined (which hasn't happened in A LONG TIME, for the record), it's always a mixture of horrifying and embarrassing… especially since I have a $300 overdraft. It's worse when I switch to credit, and that's also declined. That being said, maybe the most embarrassing moment was the day I had to work out how much I could put on credit and how much on debit, through trial and error, in order to buy a dress. I would like to note this happened when I was 19. And I kept the dress for *years*

  32. Eva says:

    i went shopping at Forever21 with my friend and when i went to pay, i didn't have enough money & oh my gosh, it was so embarrassing because i had to borrow my friend's money to pay for the things.

  33. Anonymous says:

    First off, congrats on your 100th post :)

    My memory is pretty bad, so the only financial "oopsie" I remember is going to the ATM machine, withdrawing cash, and then realized the ATM didn't return my debit card back to me — it ate my card! I told the people behind me in line that this ATM is broken, and to not use it. I start calling the bank (it was after hours) to tell them that their ATM is broken — only to find my debit card in my back pocket! I guess I took it out of the machine without realizing it LOL.

  34. Lucy says:

    I can't remember the specifics of an embarrassing financial moment (the facts), but boy do I remember the feelings of them.  I think they happen to all of us- forgetting a wallet, having a credit card declined, bouncing a check….. It happens to most of us at one time or another. I can conjure perfectly the tingly body, sweating, rapidly increasing heart rate.  I can definitely identify with the feeling of panic and horror, but I guess it's good that in my book, the actual situation is as good as forgotten :)

  35. Anonymous says:

    My most embarrassing financial moment was having an Old Navy gift card be declined when I tried to pay.  

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  36. Diva says:

    My most embarrassing financial moment occurred when I had moved to California, I was living large in a two bedroom apartment by the beach.  My parents came to California and I made a big stink about taking them to dinner at a really nice restaurant.  After our lovely meal, when I went to pay for the meal my credit card was declined.  I had to ask my father to pick up the check.  Humiliating.

  37. Monique Rizzo says:

    I subscribe to RSS feed.
    Thanks for the chance.
    [email protected]

  38. Anonymous says:

    I'd love to win a gift card to Amazon because that's where I get all of my income. My most embarrassing financial moment when when I realized I had over $50,000 work in college debt.

  39. adelle says:

    my most embarassing financial moment was when I did not realize that I dont have any cash at all to pay for the toll. I have to park somewhere to look for coins in my several purses at the trunk!
    I want a paypal gift card.

  40. adelle says:

    fb liker
    amramazon280 at yahoo dot com

  41. Vneace says:

    My most embarrassing financial moment was when I was on a business trip with colleagues and I tried to pay for my breakfast with my credit card and the waitress informed me in front of my colleagues that it had been declined.  Evidently my husband (now ex) had maxed it out!!!!

  42. Super Frugalette says:

    When my husband and I were first married we had something like $125 in bounced check fees because the one of the checks that we deposited did not clear. I went to the bank and I think I got the manager of the bank to drop some of them…still I was embarrassed that I screwed up the timing.

  43. Anonymous says:

    My most embarrassing financial moment was after ordering four grande drinks at Starbucks, I found out I don't have my wallet with me. 

  44. Smartfamilyfinance says:

    Upon receiving my new credit card, my wife and I accidentally swapped so that she had the card with my name and I had the card with hers. We quickly realized the error, but not before my wife signed the back of my card. Now I get strange looks every time I hand it to the cashier.

  45. Judith says:

    My most embarrassing financial moment came when my married daughter raided the closet where I keep unwanted gifts that I plan to "regift" and gave her aunt a birthday present which the said aunt had given me a year earlier.

  46. Krystin says:

    My most embarrassing financial moment was when I really needed to pay for emergency car repairs, and we didn't have enough cash in our account.  We had to pay for it using 3 different credit cards because there wasn't enough on one to pay for it in full.  Quite embarrassing.  But now, we have plenty in an emergency fund and have a nice savings account so we don't have to worry about that ever happening again!

  47. Anonymous says:

    I used my debit cards instead of my credit card online, I had a bunch of returned checks. 

  48. Lilnursejen says:

    I was at a discounted food store and didn't have enough cash.  I forgot that they didn't take credit.  I had to put things back.  I was hoping I didn't know anyone in the line.

  49. judy smith says:

    2 years ago I had all my daughters friends with me and had my debit card rejected.  My daughter (14) paid and when I got home I realized it was from a account I had closed


  50. Anonymous says:

    When direct deposit first started, I forgot to make one big withdrawal in my checkbook. It caused me to bounce ten checks. First banking mistake in my life and they would not let me slide. It cost me over $300,

  51. Alex K. says:

    My embarrassing moment was when I was so ready to buy something and when I was checking out, my wallet didn't have enough.

  52. kari jasus says:

    most embarrassing has happened, sadly, several times where the credit card is declined. the worst was at the grocery store with my son and a cart full of groceries. i cried my way out of the store.

    if i win i would like an old navy or target or amazon GC

  53. Cindy Merrill says:

    I was on a second date with a guy, 20 years ago, who took me out to dinner,  told me ahead of time it was "his treat", then insisted after the meal that I leave a tip: All I had was a few pennies, my bus pass and my state ID in my purse. I felt like crap.  I never dated him again; was too humiliated to ever go to the restaurant again, and it was a very good one, too.

  54. Happy Homeowner says:

    I recently locked myself out of my debit account by forgetting my pin-twice in a row!  I ironically got the same customer service rep on the phone the second time I called to report locking it.  Oy..   :)

  55. Emilyrenee101 says:

    Mine was about a year ago.  I was out with friends from grad school and tried to take money out the ATM.  Turned out, I didn't have any.  Had to ask a friend to spot me for the day.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Just the other day I pulled up to the gas pump and discovered I hadn't transfered my credit card to the purse I was carrying.  I had to slink out of the lot.

  57. chris p says:

    I drove a friend through McDonalds-one by my house that I went to for daily.  I had no cash or cards on me-I wasn't eating.  She orders, we get all the way to the window-she realizes she has no money. I was so embarrassed-I did not go back there for months.  She did they same thing a couple more times-but I got smart and always have cash on me when I am with her!

  58. Stephanie says:

    Most embarrassed financial moment is whenever I find myself talking about personal finance and finding myself over my head.  I end up talking with what I hope is the right answers, but I just sort of make stuff up sometimes when I'm talking at work with people.  But don't worry, when I blog or tweet, I research my facts!

    Oh, and amazon, please!  Thanks!

  59. Katharina says:

    My most embarrassing moment happened at a major retail store I won't be naming :-)   but it was terrible.  For some reason my credit card company decided it didn't appear to fit into my regular places to shop and denied the charge.  I pay for fraud detection but they went a bit overboard that time… I'm not about to start reporting to them when I'm on vacation or shopping in another town or state! 

    I pay the card in full each month so I knew it wasn't a credit limit issue… cashier called out (loudly ugh!) for the manager and I was sooooo embarrassed.  Luckily I had enough cash along… just paid it and beat a hasty retreat. (and the card company heard from me the minute I got back home.)

    Katharina  angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com 

  60. Sue says:

    My most embarrassing financial moment was when I went grocery shopping and my check was declined. I thought I had enough money and I didn't and since I didn't know my balance.

  61. Eva Kieu says:

    My most embarrassing financial moment was when I was taking my friends out and it was cash only, so all had to dish out cash that we had, even coins to pay for the bills. >O< 

    [email protected]

  62. Molly K says:

    My most embarrasing moment was quite a few years ago. My husband and I weren't very organized with our money. We wrote so many bad checks that we could no longer write checks anywhere because they were declined. This was before debit cards were popular. So for about a year we had to pay for everything with cash.

  63. Diane B says:

    My most embarrassing financial moment was when  i took a business client out to lunch….and the restaurant didn't accept Mastercards-only cash, visa and discover.  Boy, did I make a great impression on the client, when he had to pay for the lunch.

  64. drradford says:

    I remember when I was advised by a friend about futures contracts (in wheat) and how much he had made previously.  I threw in $7000 despite the advice of my colleagues (I worked for a bank).  Then I watched it disappear… all of it… and was the brunt of many jokes at work for a while.

  65. elle says:

    My moment was a couple of years ago when I got a notice from the water company saying they were gonna shut our water off soon. I called to see if we could avoid the late payment fee since we'd never been late on a payment before but they weren't lenient at all. I was embarrassed to tell my husband I'd forgotten to pay that bill…and it hasn't ever happened since!

  66. Anonymous says:

    When someone stole money out of my account and had important checks bouncing left and right. It's still totally not resolved 3 years later.

  67. Brooke R. says:

    My most embarrasing financial moment was recently when my husband and I faced foreclosure in our home we had lived in for over 5 years. We had worked so hard on our credit. But after my husband lost his job two years ago, we just couldn't keep up. We don't ever want to have to go through that again. Ever.

  68. Anonymous says:

    I was out with friends for dinner and left my wallet at home.
    I'll take the Amazon GC.
    Thanks for the contest.

  69. Anonymous says:

    My most embarrassing financial moment was when I needed to take the bus to work one morning but had forgotten my change at home. The bus is pretty expensive and I barely had enough to pay for the ticket and didn't have time to go home. I literally had to count my change and scavenge my bag for coins in order to pay the $4.75 price. The driver even yelled at me to sit down and not hold up the bus. Mortifying!

  70. Belinda Revercomb says:

    My most embarrassing financial moment was when I went to get gas in my car.  I always pay at the pump, so I swiped my bank card, pumped a full tank of gas, then got a message to see the cashier.  When I went inside I was told my card was denied.  Luckily, this was a station right around the corner from my house and the let me go home to get cash to pay.

  71. Emmi says:

    The time I didnt have enough money to pay for groceries and had to put things back. Target card please.

  72. Erica C. says:

    My most embarrassing was dropping my credit card on a mini golf course, while on vacation.  Luckily the person behind us noticed and was honest and told me!

  73. dddiva says:

    My ex is numerically dyslexic and he had deducted 150. instead of the 510 he had spent so when I was grocery shopping and got declined I was having a fit and kept swearing we had it in the account.  Needless to say, we didn't and I wanted to fall into a hole.
    discriminating_diva at yahoo dot com

  74. Christian kneisel says:

    I had no embarrassing moment with finances
    i want to buy a video game

  75. skary says:

    I spent $5k on gutters.  GUTTERS!  And we don't even have any trees tall enough to drop leaves into them - thus making it even more ridiculous that I got suckered into buying the fancy schmancy leaf guards thingies.

  76. Anonymous says:

    my most embarrassing money moment was when my car got repo'd, i woke up and no longer had a car, i was a few months from it being paid off too
    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  77. Lori Hart says:

    My most embarassing moment was at a restaurant and it was my turn to pick up the tab. Too bad I forgot my wallet….. URGH!
    I would like Sephora.

  78. Jenny says:

    My most embarrasing financial moment came when the transmission on my old beat up truck went out. I just been dating my boyfriend at the time for 6 months. I had to borrow money from him in order to get it working and get myself to work. Here I was 30 years old and couldn't pay my own repair costs. He must have thought I was such a loser! Well, happy to report 2 years later we are still together. Guess he saw past this :)

  79. Anabel says:

    I was at school one day, and really needed a coffee, so I bought one thinking that I had enough money on my bank account. When I checked my bank account a couple days later, I realized I had a -$1 balance, and was then charged a $30 overdraft fee. That was so embarrassing, that was the most expensive coffee I have ever bought. 

  80. Liz M. says:

    Years ago I worked in a fabric and craft chain store and used to go down the mall to the diner during my meal break sometimes… on one occasion, I had lost my debit card, which I stupidly put in my pants pocket that day, and didn't realize it until I had eated and went to pay. I had to explain to the cashier, who acted all suspicious even though I was in there several times per week, then go back to work and beg for cash (as I didn't have any on me) from my coworkers before returning to pay my bill!

  81. Kristie Wright says:

    My most embarrassing financial moment was when I had family at my house from out of town and I had forgotten to pay the cable bill. We all sat down to watch TV and the cable had been turned off.

  82. Jeff @ StayThrifty.c says:

    Without a doubt my most embarrassing moment was when my parents found out about my $20,000 credit card balance.  They worked VERY hard for not a lot of money throughout my life, and they did it all to support me.  I really let down the people I never wanted to ever let down and I felt horrible.

    I busted my butt and got it all paid off though… which was one of my proudest moments! 

  83. april bever says:

    My most embarrassing moment was when I went to Wal-mart and grabbed enough groceries to feed a small army for a party we had been planning a long time, I got up to the register and realized I had left my check book with my husband to balance and I had no cash! It was terrible, I had to leave the carts near the customer service center and run home to get my checks.

  84. LeanS says:

    My most embarrassing financial moment would have to have been during my very first job when I lost a check and had to ask my employer to write another. LeanS12(at)gmail(dot)com

  85. Roy F. says:

    My most embarrassing financial moment was when making a deposit in an atm. I punched in the wrong amount. I knew I punched in the wrong amount so I was going to press cancel next . But when it asked to verify, I immediately pressed yes. It's like on the computer when it asks are you sure you want to delete, I automatically immediately press yes every time before realize I shouldn't have.

    I want Amazon

  86. Rosey says:

    Hubby and I went grocery shopping and baby furniture shopping at a super store (one stop shopping, gotta love it).  I was VERY pregnant, tired, and more than ready to go home by the end of the trip.  The cashier rang and bagged our groceries and I decided to go to the car and start loading them while she worked on hubby's flatbed full of furniture.  Next thing I know, I'm outside of the store with a bunch of security officers around me, all thinking I was taking off with the groceries without paying…hubby's check went through immediately in the scanner and came back declined (he has direct deposit and got his pay stub that day, but it wouldn't register until the next day).  Talk about embarrassing…and no one was understanding, they all thought we did it on purpose.  Funny today… not at all funny back then.

  87. Wolverina401 says:

    It'd have to be the first and only time I overdrafted on my checking account.  I hadn't been checking up on my bank balance, and then managed to get slammed with late fees because of each debit card purchase I'd made.  So my $2 iced coffee became a $37 cup with the fee tacked on.

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  88. Alicia Ebaugh says:

    My most embarrassing financial moment…let's see…when I got laid off from my job that paid over $30K a year, and I had to move back in with my parents for six months because I had gotten myself into credit card debt at just about what I was bringing in each month.

  89. Theresa says:

    Mine just happened a few weeks ago. I use my debit card for everything and haven't written out an actual paper check in a very long time. I had 2 checks left and had to pay my daughters gymnastics dues (they are cash/check only). I for the life of me could not remember how to write out the wording on the check. I botched the first one and had to trash it. I then had to ask the young girl behind the desk how to write it out so I could pay the dues that day as to not acquire late charges paying later when I had cash. She looked at me like I was from another planet, but at least they got paid that day.

  90. Amber Vanwinkle says:

    My most embarrassing financial moment was a little ways back. My car was on E so I stopped to get gas. Tried to pay with my card and it was declined. Tried it again, still didn't work. I left the gas station and my car died as I started to pull out onto the road. I had to have my brother come bring me gas…

  91. wendy wallach says:

    My most embarassing financial moment was when I forgot to pay my gas and electric bill and they actually came and turned off my service!  My daughter was so upset, I was mortified, and had to pay an extra 35 to turn it back on!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  92. Tracey Byram says:

    My most embarrassing financial moment was when I realized that I left my money at home after my groceries were already rung up. I had to go all the way home to get my money to pay for my groceries.

  93. Hanovertomato says:

    In college, I paid for lunch at Wendy's with a check that bounced. 

  94. Sweetiepie1114 says:

    Most embarassing moment, was having my debit card switched with an ID card and not realizing, but still trying to use it to pay for candles at target. I gave it back to the lady 3 times and she finally said THIS IS A MILITARY ID. I gave her a guilty look and handed her my debit card that was in the holder next to my id ha.

  95. Jerry says:

    My wife and I went to the groceries to do our weekly shopping knowing that we have something in the bank. Guess what? We purchased groceries worth $75 and when tried the debit card, it was declined so we tried our credit cards (we only have 2) but it was both declined. Come to find out that our bank account has negative balance because of some checks that was written about a month ago. Very embarrassing moment …….

  96. Danny says:

    my most embarrassing financial moment came when I left my wallet at home and ran out of gas while shopping. I had to beg strangers for gas money. Horrible experience.

  97. Cripsyswife says:

    I went and did a weeks worth of grocery shopping. With a family of five children you can imagine how much stuff that was. There were three ladies with carts just as full as mine lined up behind me. The check out assistant got to the end then said it will be $353.00 and I go for my wallet and realize I had left it at home.

  98. Erica G says:

    My most embarrassing moment was in college.  I was headed back to my apartment after me an my boyfriend had spent a night out.  I slept in his shirt and decided to wear it home along with my black pants and dancing heels.  All I had with me was my drivers license.  I needed to get home to get my check card and clean up.  Wouldn't you know, I ran out of gas!  A cop pulled over right away and let me use his phone to call my boyfriend.  Thank God this was a college town and I was sure he had seen much worse than a disheveled college kid out of gas. 

  99. Amanda S. says:

    I once forgot my wallet when I was grocery shopping and didn't realize it until I went to check out with a cart full of groceries!

  100. Lacie says:

    My most horrible financial moment was getting ready to pay at the checkout and finding that I didn't have my wallet in my purse. That meant no cash *or* credit card.    I didn't have any in the car either.  Terrible feeling!

    My gift card of choice would be Target.

    lacietravels (at) gmail (dot) com

  101. Rachel says:

    Frustrating moments, still going through it. Had Utah Medicaid while visiting family in Georgia. Got into car accident, not our fault, and lost the baby. Left with 80,000 worth of bills. Medicaid says won't pay since due to accident. Nobody tells me that Georgia doesn't accept Utah Medicaid. Two years later, in lawsuit to prove not our fault, bills still there, find out nobody billed Medicaid. Now it's past the time to submit, they only give you a year, now have to appeal since everyone gave me misinformation.

  102. Ruth says:

    Showed up at the grocery store cashier with a ton of groceries only to find out after she rings it up that I left my wallet in my other purse. The people behind me were giving me the stink eye. Not a good day!

  103. Jennifer C says:

    Mine was a few months ago when my debit card was declined at the craft store because a deposit hadn't posted to the account yet.  Luckily they let me write a check since I knew I had the money in the bank, they were just slow to post it.

    I'd love to win an amazon GC.

  104. Ami says:

    Mine would probably have to be falling into the scratch off ticket trap.  I bought a 10 dollar ticket from the gas station, won 10 bucks.  I was so thrilled that I went back in to claim the $10 only to buy another of the same ticket.  Won $10 again.  Walked right back in to the store, bought a third ticket and just knew it would win more than 10 this time.  Nothing.  The clerk literally laughed at me for not giving up while I was ahead and at least broke even.  That's what I get, I guess?

  105. Nicole Larsen says:

    My most embarassing financial moment was when I tried to use my debit card at a grocery store for like $150 of groceries and got declined because I forgot about a bill that came out of the account and then there was no money to cover it :/

  106. Kendraco22 says:

    awhile ago we were at the store and we ran out of checks-and then lo and behold the debit didn't work and I had to go borrow money while ppl are behind me waiting and they put the groceries oh hold! eeekkks

  107. Anonymous says:

    When I went to buy food for the week, and I forgot my debit card at home. I had to have them put it all back.

    itsjustme62613 at gmail.com

  108. Anonymous says:

    My most embarrassing moment was just recently.  I paid my mortgage online, got the confirmation, and promptly forgot about it.  I check my bank balance frequently, but never noticed that the mortgage payment hadn't been deducted.  TWO weeks later it was deducted but I had written several checks in the meantime and they all bounced.  Sadly I had plenty of money in savings to transfer if I had been paying attention.


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