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When Poor People Have Nice Things

There’s a graphic circulating on some of my friends’ Facebook profiles that really gets on my nerves. I told myself I wouldn’t write about it, but I saw it again last night and I just can’t help myself. The graphic says, “Maybe someday I’ll be able to afford an iPhone like the person in front [...]

Apostrophe Abuse Prevention: It Starts With You

I’m back in Ft. Benning for my cousin’s graduation from basic training, so I thought I’d give you something random for your Friday. Oh, the apostrophe. The most misunderstood punctuation mark in history (other than maybe semicolons). The internet, including the personal finance blogosphere, is full of apostrophe abuse. And it makes me sad. Apostrophes do [...]

Unsent Letters: 8th Grade Graduation Edition

Dear School Superintendent, I wanted to take some time to let you know how thrilled I was to attend my son’s graduation from the middle school last night. The teachers and staff made sure that the ceremony was one I’ll never forget, in ways that only a bureaucracy like the school system could. First of [...]

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