I Think I’ve Met My Financial Twin!

Last week I came across a personal finance blog I’d never seen before. (I know; it shocked me too, considering how much time I spend reading blogs.) And as I clicked through nearly a year of posts, I started realizing, … Continue reading

3 Finance Tips I Got from Cartoons

One of the unfortunate side effects of parenthood is the requirement that you sit through all the shows your kids like to watch. It’s funny how small children learn the rules before they’re even old enough to use the toilet … Continue reading

Post-Christmas Randomness

Well, we survived the weekend with no fistfights, injuries, or mass murders. It’s kind of a blur, but overall we had a good Christmas with tons of food and family. Now that life is back to normal, here are a … Continue reading

Are We Defined by Our Mistakes?

Lately I’ve been frustrated with the personal finance blogosphere. Many of the sites I read have taken on an attitude toward poverty (or maybe it was there all along) that absolutely makes me sick. Basically, I’m talking about the attitude … Continue reading