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Do You Engage in Pro-Debt Behaviors?

  Yesterday my ex-husband burst through my front door without knocking. “I need your help!” he gasped. I’m thinking someone in his family is very sick or dying, or maybe he wrecked his car. But of course, if you’ve read some of my background, you know better. No, the “emergency” was that his debit card [...]

5 Tips to Help You Stop Using Your Credit Cards

The following is a guest post. Using your credit cards excessively, especially near the end of the month to cover the last couple of days till your payday can be an extremely bad habit. The more you rely on credit cards, the more you add to your debt each month. Credit cards also have extremely [...]

7 Reasons Why You Don’t Have Any Money

  Last night I made a super late trip to the grocery store (you know, because Walmart is pretty empty at midnight) and I left there ready to strangle someone. Not because of what my groceries cost - I only spent $100 - but because of a fellow shopper. First of all, this lady had [...]

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