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Nuggets of Wisdom From My Dad

  Happy Father’s Day, all! I thought I’d take a minute today to honor my dad, AKA my teacher, financial advisor, landlord, mechanic, plumber, electrician, locksmith, tech support, reality checker, cheerleader, problem solver, mover of heavy things…. I could keep going but I’ll stop. Throughout my life, my dad has always been the person I [...]

When “Gazelle” Becomes “Crazy”

This post was written by Jessica Streit. She is a freelance writer and blogger who has a slight tendency to obsess over things. She is a staff writer for Everything Finance Blog, the site about everything money and finances. A few years ago, I took to reading every book written by Dave Ramsey. I borrowed every [...]

5 Things Wealthy People Never Say

Do you dream of being wealthy someday? Imagine a world where you don’t have to worry about paying the bills, saving for retirement, or providing for your family because you know everything is in order. A world where you are free to do the things you love with no debt to hold you back. A [...]

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