Do You Make a Lot of Money? Or Do You Just Think You Do?

This week I’m featuring guest posts from some of my best blogging friends while I take a small blogcation. Don’t run away - these are awesome posts from talented bloggers! Today’s post is from Bridget at Money After Graduation. She … Continue reading

Unsent Letters: Final Four Edition

Dear Louisville, That is all, because I can’t think about anything else until this game is over. Love, Andrea

Random Weekend Q&A

  I was tagged by Mysti at Digging Out From Our Mess in a meme that’s been sweeping the PF blogs I read. Here are the rules: #1 - Post these rules. #2 - Answer the 11 questions from the person … Continue reading

Dear Goodwill: Can You Bring a Truck?

I actually didn’t plan to join the February Declutter Challenge hosted by My Half Dozen Daily, but ever since I saw how great Carla’s closet looks, I’ve been giving my own closet the side eye. I have one of those unfortunate … Continue reading