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4 Easy Ways to Start Saving Money

For most of my life, I’ve struggled when it comes to saving money. I could spend it like nobody’s business, but the thought of putting it in a safe place for the future just didn’t compute. How could I afford to save money when I was broke? Never mind the fact that I was broke [...]

Want to Solve Financial Problems? Learn the ROPES

No matter where you are in your financial journey, there are always challenges to face and decisions to make. You might be working to pay off debt and trying to determine which method is best. Maybe you are unemployed or thinking about changing careers. Or perhaps you’ve fallen out of love with your bank or [...]

When it Comes to Money, One Size Does Not Fit All

Last week I got some unsolicited advice about personal finance blogging. “You have to spend more time urging your readers to take action,” the person said. “People need to be told what to do.” At the time, I nodded my head and responded calmly, “Okay. That makes sense.” Later, though, when I was alone and [...]

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