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3 Things That Suck (Financially) About Being a Single Parent

It seems like some people always have an opinion about single parents. Single dads are usually considered heroes, while single moms are called names and subject to speculation about everything from their sexual habits to the quality of their parenting. And while I’m not talking about that double standard today, let me warn all of [...]

I Suck at Cooking

  I’m not exactly what anyone would call a good cook. I mean, I can follow recipes, and I’ve never poisoned anyone (that I know of), but cooking just doesn’t come naturally. I have been involved in five small kitchen fires - three due to grease fires on a stovetop, and two instances of accidentally [...]

Do You Worry About Meeting Basic Needs?

Sometimes I really believe I should stay off the internet. Yesterday, a Facebook friend posted an article about the top financial concerns among Americans. Of those surveyed, 41% reported meeting basic needs as their primary concern. I found this interesting, and tweeted the article in hopes of engaging in some good discussion. Instead, between the [...]

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