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Unsent Letters: 8th Grade Graduation Edition

Dear School Superintendent, I wanted to take some time to let you know how thrilled I was to attend my son’s graduation from the middle school last night. The teachers and staff made sure that the ceremony was one I’ll never forget, in ways that only a bureaucracy like the school system could. First of [...]

Unsent Letters: Final Four Edition

Dear Louisville, That is all, because I can’t think about anything else until this game is over. Love, Andrea

Unsent Letters: Self Employed Still Means Working Edition

Dear Real Life Friends, I feel like my verbal explanations of what I do all day haven’t been effective, so maybe a letter will help you understand a few things. Yes, my work clothes are pajamas and a bathrobe most days. I traded in my flat iron and commute for bedhead and dogs on my [...]

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