If you’re having financial troubles, you need advice from people who know what they’re talking about. And in case you haven’t noticed, I’m probably NOT that person! The internet is full of information for every situation, but the sites below are a few that I highly recommend.


Credit Karma gives you FREE access to your estimated TransUnion credit score, as well as information regarding ways to improve your score, save on credit cards and banking, and more. Did I mention it’s FREE?


Don’t know much about investing? Me neither! ShareBuilder makes it easy to start a retirement or investment account with easy-to-follow tutorials. Their site is among the easiest and fastest to use, even for newbies.


I’m totally serious - BK Forum saved my sanity when I was filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. These people have been there, done that! I learned more from this site than from my attorney.


My beloved Virtual Wallet… The bank account that helped me get over my debt - and my overdraft charges. If you need a new bank account and want control of your money, check out PNC Bank’s Virtual Wallet.