Random Thoughts for Wednesday

This week is kicking my butt! It seems like everyone in the blogosphere is busy and stressed lately, and I’m no exception. I haven’t been sleeping well at all, work sucks as usual, and there just isn’t enough time in the day. Because I’m too lazy busy to formulate a super cool post, I thought I would give you guys some random tidbits about my money and my life.

  • Some of you may remember a few weeks ago when I tweeted about losing my wallet and getting it back with everything still in it. I’ve been keeping a close eye on my accounts just in case, but it seemed I was extremely lucky. Saturday I logged into my bank account and noticed a pending charge from a Cracker Barrel 25 miles away for nearly $70. Panicking, I called the bank to find that they had flagged the charge as suspicious. Apparently whoever found my wallet wrote down my debit card number and had a fake card made.I didn’t even know that was possible! Naturally I had to cancel my card, which was infuriating since it was “safe” in my purse.So my new card is on the way, and this week I’m using a credit card for gas, groceries, etc. and sending a payment each day to pay off what I’ve charged. Inconvenient, but I’m just glad I have that option. Two years ago, all my credit cards were maxed out and wouldn’t have been any help. It’s awesome to use them the right way for a change!
  • Speaking of credit cards, I was approved for a Capital One card over the weekend and I’m pretty excited about that. Not because I want to use it; I just wanted to have more available credit in hopes of improving my credit score. My first ever credit card was from Capital One - it was included in my bankruptcy, so I’m pleased to know they’re willing to give me credit again. Since my car loan is also financed through CapOne, I’m thinking I’ll use the card to make my car payment each month, then pay it off. Silly? Maybe a little, but that’s just another on-time payment to add to my history.
  • The bulk of my caseload for the new job will be providing school-based therapy at a high school. I spoke with the therapist who had the school this year, and she told me she consistently billed 65+ hours without even trying. She also showed me a paystub for a 65-hour check, and she grossed more in two weeks than I do in a month! (For comparison, I typically work 180 hours to make that much money, 20 of which are unpaid because I’m salaried.)So I’ll be at the high school each day until 2pm, then see adult clients in the clinic from 2-5 and get home by 5:30. I’ll take off every school holiday - a week in the fall, two weeks at Christmas, and a week in the spring - which coincide with my son’s breaks. The extra money I’ll be making will give me a cushion to make it through the summer, when I’ll do a few days a week in the clinic just to keep income flowing.
  • I am SO in love with my iPad! I’m using it now to type this post with an awesome app called Blogsy. I rarely even use my computer anymore. I could write a whole post about all the cool things I’m able to do, and I just might at some point. This thing has paid for itself a hundred times already in terms of convenience, organization, and (most important) keeping up with blogging!

Okay, on to your reward for making it through my ramblings:

This is Apollo, one of my Shih Tzus. Don’t tell the other two, but Apollo is my absolute fave. It’s embarrassing how often I take pictures of him on my phone and edit them like this one. He’s such a cutie!

I’ve got some interesting stuff coming up on the blog - a cool product review, why I watch Suze Orman even though I can’t stand her, and an update on my financial goals, which are changing a little because of the new job.

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