Random Thoughts for Thursday

This week is absolutely kicking my butt. I thought I would sort of ease out of my job, tying up loose ends but not really doing a lot. Yeah, right! The kids at both group homes have acted horrible all week. I’d like to think it’s because they’re upset that I’m leaving, but it’s probably something much more important, like anger at the lunch menu for the week (which I admit has NOT been filled with delicious cuisine).

So here are a few random things that are on my (frazzled) mind today:

My post about personal finance and cross dressing was included in the 319th Carnival of Personal Finance! I was excited to see it amongst so many awesome posts, though I’m sure the host was thinking, WTF is wrong with this chick? Go check out the carnival roundup for some seriously cool personal finance and related links.

Yesterday I learned that extreme couponers - or wannabe extreme couponers - get very upset if you don’t think it’s awesome to hoard food and household supplies. A friend on Facebook posted something like, “I just saved $53 on $112 worth of stuff just by using coupons!” She included a picture of a bunch of stuff, including 3 bags of dog food. She doesn’t own a dog. So maybe I’m awful, but I commented, “I just saved $112 just by staying home instead of buying crap I don’t need! :) ” I thought the smiling emoticon at the end would soften the snark, but it didn’t work out too well. I might have lost a Facebook friend. But you can go “like” So Over Debt on Facebook to make me feel better if you want.

I asked my son if he wanted to do a guest post next week and I’m cracking up at how seriously he’s taking it. He’s typed up all these drafts and keeps asking me what I think. I tell him it’s great, then he starts over because he says “You’re just saying that because you’re my mom and you have to like it!” At this rate, blogs may not exist by the time he’s finished.

If you are in your sixties and your ringtone is “Sex and Candy” by Marcy’s Playground, AND you’re in Rite Aid having a heart to heart with the pharmacy tech about the store’s poor selection of lubricant when said ringtone starts playing, I’m going to laugh. I’m sorry, dude - I tried to be an adult but some things are just too much.

I keep hovering very close to 100 subscribers here on the site. If you’re coming here to read, why not subscribe to my RSS feed so you don’t miss out on anything? It’s very quick and painless, and it helps me remember that people actually read all the crap I post so I don’t get depressed.

Your reward for making it through the randomness:

This is a crappy cell phone pic of Captain Jack Sparrow, a bearded dragon that belongs to one of my coworkers (not Georgia, who coincidentally told me yesterday she is buying a $500 Weimaraner). Captain Jack totally hates me - every time he hears my voice, he freaks out and turns really dark brown. But he’s awesome and I love him. And despite all the crap being thrown at me at work this week, I’ll truly miss Captain Jack when I leave tomorrow.

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  • http://twitter.com/prairieecothrif Miss T

    I am looking forward to reading your son’s post. It is cute how seriously they are taking it. It’s good to hear they have a good work ethic though.

  • http://www.accountantbyday.com Kellen

    Ahhh… I just read your post about your coworker, Georgia. And the thought of her owning a dog terrifies me. Nevermind a Wiemaraner which is incredibly energetic, and doesn’t calm down ’til it’s about 6. They are lovely dogs but better for a more *ahem* “responsible” owner.

  • http://wheresmomsmoney.wordpress.com/ Margie

    I totally don’t get how buying 3 bags of dog food when you don’t even OWN a dog is financially savvy in any way! That’s what I just don’t understand about extreme couponing. What’s the point in having 100 tubes of toothpaste when they only have a shelf life of a few years. I just . . . shake my head.

  • http://debtfreebythirty.net Niki

    Your Facebook comment was funny. Some people take themselves too seriously.

  • http://moneytalkscoaching.com/blog-2 Ashley @ Money Talks

    Aww… Looking forward to your son’s post. That’s great that he’s working hard on it!! I’m sure it will be awesome.

  • http://www.optionsdude.com/use-puts-to-lock-in-profits.html optionsdude

    Can’t believe that anyone would buy dog food without owning a dog. It would make sense for me with 3 dogs knowing that I could get through 3 bags in about 4 months, but seriously. How ridiculous is that?! I can picture the drugstore scene. Made me laugh also.

  • http://thecollegeinvestor.com Robert @ The College Investor

    I get so annoyed at Extreme Couponing! I want to see it combined with Hoarders for a brand new reality show!

  • http://onecentatatime.com/ Onecentatatime

    do announce on forum when your son does post

  • http://www.sooverdebt.com Andrea @ SoOverDebt

    I definitely will, if I ever get him to settle on something! He is definitely getting an idea of the pressure I deal with every day.