Farewell, Vortex of Suck!

Today is my last day at my sucktastic job!!!!!!

I have eight things to accomplish today:

  • Complete a performance evaluation for one of my staff
  • Finish two discharge summaries on former residents
  • Go to an awesome farewell lunch (free food from the boss!)
  • Get petty cash and distribute to both facilities
  • Attend treatment team
  • Box up what’s left in my office
  • Turn in my keys and work phone
  • Laugh maniacally as I commute 50 miles home for the last time

After a six-week notice period, I’m so over this job it’s not even funny. I have done everything possible to leave things running smoothly for my replacement, but I checked out mentally a long time ago. And I don’t like doing things if I’m not going to do them well.

Make no mistake - next week I’ll be freaking out about the new job, the uncertain pay, and the pressure to use some money from savings to buy clothes. But today isn’t about any of that. Today is the day I move one step closer to freedom and remove the shackles of a job that has taken over every part of my life!

I never could have made this kind of move if I hadn’t starting paying attention to my finances. Even when I was married with two incomes, it would have been unthinkable to take a job without a set salary. But guess what? I have money in the bank and a budget that can be whittled down considerably if need be. I have a plan to get rid of some of my junk and add to my cash reserves. And I have no credit card debt hanging over my head!

Life’s good! And my blogging life is about to get even better. :)

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  • http://twitter.com/happywrkgmom Angie

    Congratulations!! And good luck with your new adventures.

  • Alltid Blakk

    Congratulation, and I know you’re gonna succeed. :)

  • http://debtfreebythirty.net Niki

    Have a great last day! Good luck with your new job

  • http://wheresmomsmoney.wordpress.com/ Margie

    Whooot! That last commute home is going to be AWESOME! Can’t wait to read about your new adventures!!

  • Hunter @ Financially Consumed.

    Awesome. You will definitely succeed with this attitude. Go for it, and don’t look back.

  • http://www.perfectingparenthood.com Alex | Perfecting Dad

    Congrats! You won’t miss it at all/

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations and best of luck.

  • http://thecollegeinvestor.com Robert @ The College Investor

    Congrats on the change!

  • http://moneytalkscoaching.com/blog-2 Ashley @ Money Talks

    Wohooooo!!!!!! congrats!!! Seriously. I’m so looking forward to the next chapter.

  • http://twitter.com/nickelbynickel Andrea


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  • http://www.101centavos.com 101 Centavos

    Congratulations on starting a new chapter. Six weeks’ notice seems more than fair to your old employer. And extra points for the great title.

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