More Stuff to Read While I’m Gone

As most of you know, I’m in Chicago for the Financial Blogger Conference! In an effort to concentrate on enjoying myself and learning a ton about improving my site, I won’t be writing again until I recover get back.

Never fear, though - I didn’t leave you with nothing to do while I’m gone.

Some of my awesome PF blogger friends weren’t able to attend FINCON11, and they’re probably kind of depressed about it. So I thought it would be cool if you visited them for awhile. Maybe comment on a few posts and subscribe to some of the awesomeness while you’re there!

I’ll tell you a little bit about each site, and I’m trusting you to keep them company until I get home!

One Cent at a Time - SB has an amazing story. After growing up in India, he brought his frugal (and smart!) financial habits to the US, where he and his wife are living debt-free. He has a unique perspective and excellent advice on making good choices. Notable post title: Spending Money on Self-Improvement

Frugal Zeitgeist - Forest writes about a little bit of everything. I’m resisting the urge to say, “You never know what you’re gonna get,” but that’s pretty much the truth! Unlike me, Forest is able to make a point in fewer than 1000 words, and his posts are a great mix of personal finance and current events. Notable post title: Benefits of Power Naps

Money Beagle - Unlike me, Money Beagle has had a pretty smooth financial journey so far. He and his wife are working toward financial independence and give us tips on everything from refinancing a mortgage to saving on yogurt cups (damn 10-cent price increase!). Notable post title: Something No Hostess Should Ever Say

Money Mamba - JT is one of my favorite bloggers ever, mostly because he doesn’t get bent out of shape when I harass him on Twitter. He admits that his site design kind of sucks, but his posts are full of win. For a young whippersnapper born in the 90s, he knows a LOT about finance. Notable post title: Why CEO Pay Grows Faster than Worker Pay

Prairie EcoThrifter - Miss T is living the good life - saving money, being healthy, and monitoring her impact on the environment. Her site offers information on frugality, sustainable living, exercise, investing…. There’s something for everyone. I always learn something new from her posts. Notable post title: 10 Ways to Avoid Bears While Camping

Compounding Returns - Pat knows a lot about the military AND a lot about investing. Normally I’d be bored by these, but his posts are structured in such a way that anyone can benefit from the information. His writing style is also easy for me to read without feeling overwhelmed. Notable post title: The 15-Year Millionaire Plan (this is actually a whole series and it’s awesome!)

Financial Success for Young Adults - LaTisha is on a mission to teach 20-somethings how to manage money. I really wish this site had been around when I was in college - maybe I could have avoided some of my financial disasters. She uses just the right mix of finance and pop culture in her posts. Notable post title: Who Are the Most Frugal Celebrities?

Life and My Finances - Derek and his wife paid off $14k in debt, and now he shares his tips for becoming debt-free while enjoying life. They’re renovating their house right now, so I love keeping up with his updates and seeing the progress they’ve made - WITHOUT taking on extra debt. Notable post title: Is Cash Still King? I’m Starting to Have My Doubts

Smart Family Finance - Shaun is one of my favorite bloggers, and not just because he links to my posts a lot. :) His blog is full of HIGHLY original stuff - this is not the same tired “5 tips for saving on car insurance” you’ll find at a lot of blogs. He also has a writing style that reminds me of my own - he talks to YOU - specific you, not generic you. Notable post title: Frugal Tips That Don’t Save You Money

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  • 20′s Finances

    Another great set of blogs. Hope you enjoy the conference. Tell ‘Mr. Right’ hello. :)

  • Andrea @ SoOverDebt

    Ha! You should go on tour with your jokes.

  • Pat S

    Thanks for the mention!