A Quick Friday Update

Fri, Dec 9, 2011

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looks like i won the coin flip - this time


Lots of stuff going on - so much I couldn’t finish a post last night. I try to tell myself that being busy is a good thing, and maybe it is, but I wish it would slow down for a minute or two! I promise I’ll be able to put up real posts again soon, but I wanted to update on a couple of things going on in my life:

Health insurance WIN!

The ex got another job, so (thankfully) my child will be insured again as of the 15th. Which means he doesn’t need the Medicaid card I applied for last month. I was so excited to email the worker and let her know I was withdrawing my application, but I was also a little pissed to know I went through that for nothing.

Me vs. Jayden’s school: Round 1,812,674

I had yet another meeting at school this morning, this time with the county director of special education. If your child doesn’t need an IEP or 504 plan, I hope you are grateful every single day of your life. Because it’s almost a full-time job to force the school system to provide what Jay needs to be able to learn! I nearly applauded when the director looked through his file and said, “A child with an IQ of 158 shouldn’t be making Ds and Fs.” THANK YOU FOR NOTICING!!!

Basically, after his original IEP was put into place, he did very well in school with accommodations. So well, in fact, that the school decided he didn’t need all those services and stripped most of them from his IEP. Three years later, Jay is doing well to make Cs and Ds, yet he’s in the gifted program. There is something wrong with that picture.

So now we are starting the long process of having him reevaluated, because the evals from 2006 are no longer valid. We should (crosses fingers) get everything redone by the end of the school year. If we don’t get his IEP straightened out before he goes to high school, there’s no way he’ll ever be able to graduate. For the first time since he got to middle school, I feel like we might actually accomplish something.

I spent some money!

It wasn’t an impulse buy, I promise!!!

I’ve had my eye on a Time Capsule from Apple for months. It’s a wireless router and backup drive in one - I can set my Mac to backup automatically, and if it ever breaks or gets stolen I can easily reload all my stuff to a new Mac. I can also set up a guest network for people visiting my house, so I don’t have to hand over the password to my own network. It’s a fantastic invention. And of course, like the multiple Apple products in my house, it just works.

For the longest time, I couldn’t quite justify the $300 price tag. Then I realized (1) if I’m going to attempt to make a living online, I need a reliable backup plan for my stuff, and (2) I should buy it now while I know where I stand financially. So I ordered it on Monday night and it got here Tuesday (holy fast shipping, Batman!). And it is super fast and wonderful and birds sing when I look at it… Okay, sorry, my fangirl is showing.

So anyway, I spent $300 and I don’t feel bad about it. Because I have waited since July or so to make sure I really needed the Time Capsule, and I still did. It’s already been worth what I paid.

Just four more days of work - possibly two!

The 15th is my last day at work. However, I have no appointments scheduled that day. And on the 14th, I only have one - a guy who typically cancels. The receptionist will call him on Tuesday to confirm the appointment, so if he cancels, that will make Tuesday my last day of work!!!!

Okay, that’s all the good news I can stand for one day. What’s new with you guys? Any exciting plans this weekend?

11 Responses to “A Quick Friday Update”

  1. KayNewEngland says:

    yes a lot of things going on for you!!  on a side note (related to the post) at what point did you know his IQ (though I'm sure you didn't need for anyone to tell you how smart he was)…just curious because I work with a first grader who tests at around this level and I find it a shame that they are not getting the kind of services/education they require.  just curious and good luck!

  2. PKamp3 says:

    Hopefully you can find the right schooling for Jayden.  Don't forget even Einstein failed on his first try on the entrance exams to the Swiss Federal Polytechnic Institute (on the non-math sections, of course), and Michael Jordan was cut from varsity basketball as a sophomore.

  3. April Stotler says:

    Finals are over Wednesday!

    And then I am going to REALLY enjoy my winter break!

  4. Insomniac Lab Rat says:

    Hooray! I am so happy to hear that Jay has health insurance again, and I hope his school situation will be worked out soon. 

    We've been thinking about getting Time Machine whenever I get a new computer (which will be a Mac)…it sounds so useful! 

    I just had one of the busiest work weeks I've ever had, and I worked most of the day today…and I have a little work to wrap up tomorrow…but on the bright side, after another busy day Tuesday, I'll pretty much be in "get everything to a stopping point" mode, and then vacation! 

  5. Teinegurl says:

    good luck ! im interested to know how blogging full time will go i'll be watching (or reading ) lol


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