Energy Management for Your Business

Tue, Jun 12, 2012

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The following is a guest post.

Energy costs have been a hot topic in recent times, within politics, current affairs and the world of business. This comes as no surprise in a global economy that is fighting for the remainder of the fossil fuels. Of course there are renewable energy sources, more and more of which are being researched and utilised. With the global worry of our lack of fossil fuels as well as a growing concern on its effect on the environment it seems there has been a big push towards greener companies.

To create a greener and there for more profitable company, there are some really easy changes you can be making today. Things as simple as going paperless where ever you can and the obvious small changes such as turning off all lights can really make a big difference in the long run. Producing a green image for your company does wonders for your brand in terms of PR. The biggest element of saving money though, would always be to do with your energy management.

You really need to look at your entire out goings and assess how much you are paying for your gas and electricity. Are they from the same provider? Could you be getting a better deal elsewhere? There are some really handy and more importantly, intuitive services ready to help you out in these circumstances. Make It Cheaper for example have been working on the energy needs of small businesses since 2007 and really know their stuff when it comes to the best deals for the different types of small and local companies.

Whether you are in a long term contact or not, it doesn’t hurt to look around. But going through all the business rates the big providers have to offer can be tiring and counterproductive. The best plan really, is to go online to a respectable comparison advice service who will give you fair unbiased guidance on the best deals out there.

Once you have seen some of the unbelievably low deals on offer, you will be astonished at how much you have been paying for so long. Even if you are tied into a contract, Make It Cheaper can help you break ties with the old company and set you up on a money saving deal with another company. Remember, never sign up to more than a years’ contract, this gives you the opportunity to search for an even better deal in only 12 months’ time.

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  1. Brilliant Finances says:

    Wow third post today about Make it Cheaper. (not all on your site of course)

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