Saving Money to Fund Your Renovations

Tue, May 29, 2012

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The following is a guest post.

Renovating your home may be another luxury that has taken a back seat in harsh economic times, but just like a new wardrobe, the interior design trends can be fast moving and no one wants to be left behind. The sight of a newly refurbished house can really lift your spirits and usher in a new season, adding a touch of freshness to your property. If you are trying to sell, adding a small amount can make a big effect, and don’t forget the outside space! There are loads of different ways to save and if you start with household savings, it seems appropriate to pour the money back into the aesthetic of your property. So whether you are looking to sell your home or just fancy a change here are some great tips to have you saving in no time!

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Comparison sites – are great to make sure you are getting the best deal. Make sure you are aware of what is out there before shopping for anything. This includes: credit cards, insurance, mortgage, power, internet and even television packages. There are loads of online comparison sites, all vying for your attention, so when your car or home insurance comes round, you don’t always have to stick to the same provider. This is the same for your television and phone packages. Why not get in touch with your existing provider, after shopping around, and explain that you could be saving money elsewhere - many big companies are eager to keep their customers so may be willing to haggle with you. The same goes for your mortgage, don’t just go for the bank you have be using for years, have a good look around, there are many handy online tools such as e-mortgage calculator which can help out with new and remortgage situations.

Save on Fuel – by walking, using public transport or cycling. This can really help if you have a big family. Try to use your car as little as possible and walk more often. Not to mention the health benefits - after awhile you will really notice the difference to your pocket. Fuel is one of the biggest expenditures to many households and it seems to be rising further still. Many cities also have congestion charges and offer help in finding and buying bicycles, as well as massive carpool initiatives.

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Once you have all of your bills down to a complete minimum, as well as shaving pounds a day off your fuel costs, you will notice a gradual difference. Make sure you keep track of your savings; you could use a separate bank account for savings or a simple money pot. You will be amazed at the amount that builds up. Once you do have a substantial amount saved try and be as frugal as possible with your spending, you should again shop around online for great deals from auction sites. Many clearance sales offer discounts on DIY gold so try and hit the sales as much as possible! There’s also loads of room for you to try your hand at crafts of your own; making decorative items for the home can be a lot easier than you think!

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