There’s Someone I’d Like You to Meet

Over the past few months, I’ve alluded to creating a new site several times. Some of you have asked for an update, and I attempted to use my Jedi mind tricks to distract you because the new site wasn’t ready yet. Even though it still isn’t as ready as I’d like it to be, I’ve decided I can’t keep it to myself forever.

I’d like you to meet So Over Debt’s younger cousin, Curiosity Killed the Blog. No, it’s not related to personal finance - in fact, it’s REALLY not related to personal finance. But it still wouldn’t have been possible without this site and all the feedback I get from my readers and fellow bloggers.

I spend a lot of time helping people with various blog-related issues, from deciding whether to start a blog to choosing a name and even setting it up. I absolutely love helping other people share their lives online, so this is one of my favorite things. Unfortunately, though, it can be very time-consuming, and I wanted to find a better way to share information about all things blogging. Plus I didn’t want to bore those of you who aren’t interested in blogging stuff, so it was clear I needed a new home for this aspect of my online life.

Curiosity Killed the Blog is designed to help people get started blogging without throwing their computers through a window. It can be very frustrating to try to figure out all the little things when all you want to do is write some posts. So CKTB will provide information and step-by-step tutorials to help people no matter what level they’re on.

There’s also an option to submit your blogging questions, which will be answered in a post on the site. That’s the feature I’m most excited about! If you are wondering anything at all about starting a blog or website, you can ask right on the site and I’ll let you know when I put up the post that answers your question. I’ll also continue to offer my blog consulting services to help those of you who are ready to try blogging and need some assistance.

So there you go - one mystery solved! I’d love to know what you think of the new site. :)

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There’s Someone I’d Like You to Meet48 Comments

  1. Cool!  I should probably use this site, since I get sad realizing how lame my blog is.  I want to make it more than it is, but want to do it right, and without making me crazy.  Yay!  Well add it to my reader, so I can have an awesomesauce blog like yours :)

  2. Oh, wow! First of all, congrats on that! And thank you! I'm sure I'll check it regularly. Now Shovellicious is FOLLOWING CKTB

  3. wow very cool! You always have so much up your sleeve haha I feel like I'll probably be using this site a lot, sometimes I feel like the only one that doesn't know what's going on. It took me over a year to migrate my blog to its own host and get google adsense. so much fail.

    • I hear that a lot, and that's exactly why I started the new site. People always seem afraid to ask questions, but I've learned that for every person asking, there are probably 100 more wondering. I hope you'll submit some questions, whether they're questions you have now or ones you had in the past! :)

  4. How awesome!  I've learned some great tips from you and will get to continue to learn! It looks like a great site already.

  5. Awesome! I'm a new blogger and need all the help I can get. I'm apparently in the same area as you - and wrote today about how being in debt is like being in a tornado. You might like the comparison… or not. I'm okay with that, too. :-)

    Adding the new blog to my reader. 

  6. Great idea!  I wish the new site would have been around when I first started blogging.  Looking forward to watching that blog grow as this one has!

  7. Wish this would of been around about a month ago lol.  I will def check it out.  I am such a newb when it comes to blogs and websites, so personally I think your new site will rock.

  8. Awesome and the new site looks great Andrea!  And if you were already answering all these questions what an inspiration to simply blog about it.  Nice!

  9. Ok I've reached my time limit for interwebs this afternoon because my house is a disaster area and must be attended to before my cats assassinate me in my sleep, but I already subscribed my blog twitter account to your new site, and I'll be adding it to feed reader at work on Monday as well as reading it all, unless of course I can't stay away until then. I'm totally excited because I'm retarded and I like pictures and instructions when I'm learning something new. Sometime I wonder how a smart person (me) can be so utterly retarded.

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  11. I like the design as well since I think mine usually suck more.  I subscribed to pick up some good tips.  I like that Think Traffic is in your blogroll.  I like that one.

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  13. I love the idea, just went through all the posts just to see what it's like. Another thing I just found out was that you offer blog consulting services. I've been thinking about changing up my blog soon and to be completely honest, whenever I get around to it, I was thinking about dropping you an email to have you critique it and give me some tips. Nice to know this is a service you offer. The Q&A on CKTB is also an awesome idea. Maybe I'll drop a question or too.

  14. Congrats on the new blog, Andrea. :-) I'm heading over now to check it out, I'm sure it's going to rock.

  15. Pretty cool idea.  Hmm.. I might have to start another blog based on what people ask me about the most.  

  16. OK, I love, love, LOVE your new site!! I've been struggling with several things for a while now, and in about 4 posts, you've helped solve a lot of my problems!

    • Hooray! That's so good to hear. If you have questions about anything else, I hope you'll submit them through the form - they'll be posted anonymously, or you could always make up a fake name and email address. :)

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