Weekend Reading: Blogger ADHD Edition

It’s been just over a week since my new site, Curiosity Killed the Blog, launched. First, let me say how much I appreciate all of you who have visited so far and provided feedback. It means a lot!

Second, I just need to share how utterly exhausted I am from keeping up with both of my online homes! I have no plans to neglect you guys - my posting schedule here will remain the same - but I need to help poor, lonely CKTB as well. I have been completely scattered for the past week; I can’t decide where my time is better spent or how to prioritize the added responsibilities.

I also feel like I’ve neglected my blogger friends. I read through hundreds of posts each week, then I usually star some of them in my reader so I can go back later to comment. Imagine my horror yesterday when I realized I still had starred posts from February!

While I spend today resting and getting ready for tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead (I’ve read spoilers, and all I can say is that you better not miss it if you’re a fan!), check out some of these awesome posts that haven’t received the attention I wanted to give them:

Yakezie Spring Team

Retire by 40 - No one ever gets rich by being frugal

Black Freelancer - 5 Reasons You Don’t Want to be a Freelancer

Cult of Money - A System of Ritual Practices for Money

Your Finances Simplified - Who Drank My Juice? A Personal Finance Story

My Broken Coin - Healthcare: Two Sides of One Story

Cents to Save - Financial Flaws Friday

New Blogs You Need to Check Out

Step Away from the Mall - Are you stronger because of the “Great Recession”?

Broke Elizabeth - The Cost of Losing Weight (this is the first part in an awesome series)

My So-Called Financial Life - My Household Chore Compensation Plan

Don’t Debt - Taboo Tuesday: Student Loans

Balancing Money and Life - Compulsive Shopping - Curbing the Urge to Overspend

Debt and Taxes - Thanks Pops

BFFs and Tweeps

The FrugalPreneur - Weekly Kick in the Tush: Motivational Truths

Serendipity’s Guide to Saving - Relationships & Money: A Case for Maintaining Separate Accounts

When Life Gives You Lemons - Financial Protection: Pretending You’re Broke

Daily Money Shot - Confession: I Don’t Understand Investing

Money Mamba - Getting Back in Shape

Money After Graduation - How to Spend Your Money After Graduation

Thrifty and Fit - I’m Stuck

Minting Nickels - Saving Only Hurts if You Let It


Weekend Reading: Blogger ADHD Edition20 Comments

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I have two blogs myself, and just writing 11 posts a week is time consuming; keeping up with reading, commenting, and trying to improve my blogs is almost impossible! But I do love your new blog, it's been super helpful!

  2. Sweet, thanks for the link love.  By the way I am also a huge fan of The Walking Dead, and I can't believe what happened in tonights episode.   Didn't think they would kill him off this season.

      • i have a feeling they will in this final episode.  I don't like to read spoilers, that and I'm to lazy to look for them.  They gotta stop killing off main characters, gonna run out soon. 

  3. Thank you for the mention! Appreciate it as always.
    The Walking Dead rocked. Too sad we have only one episode left.

  4. Thanks for including me in your roundup!

    I'm impressed you read anything at all over the past week with new blog #2 now online.

  5. I think your new blog is AWESOME! Going from 1 blog to 2 can be really crazy, I'm still trying to figure it out. I'm sure you'll find your balance soon. I love The Walking Dead, I've seen season 1 like a billion times—I just finished it again yesterday. Now I just have to not go crazy waiting for season 2 to be on Netflix, which will be a million years from now.

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