Sunday, March 13, 2011

Joining the Yakezie Challenge

It feels silly since I've only been blogging for a minute, but I decided to enter So Over Debt in the Yakezie Challenge. Yakezie is an awesome network of personal finance sites/blogs. In order to join, I am committing myself to a 6-month challenge in which I'll work to improve my blog, both in Alexa ranking and content, enough to be worthy of membership. In return, I will have an entire community of personal finance minded people to learn from, share with, and get to know. It's pretty exciting!

As I start today, my Alexa ranking is 10,247,988. Meaning that So Over Debt is not a super popular place for people to visit right now. Between now and September, my goal is to break 200,000. To be honest, that seems impossible! But so did getting out of my cycle of overdraft fees, and I've now made it 3 months without paying a single fee to my bank. Like anything else, completing the challenge and becoming a Yakezie member will require hard work.

If you are a Yakezie member checking out SOD for the first time, welcome! I love feedback and would be thrilled to hear from you. Otherwise I'm back to obsessing over my ranking....


Debt Free Divas said...

I love the name!!! Me too. I'm sooooooo over debt :) Trust me, the yakezie goal is so doable. We started in the same boat (me very end of December 2010). You got this girl! Welcome to the challenge.

JT McGee said...

Welcome to the challenge. I joined just under two months ago and it's been great for keeping me on top of things. I really like your sidebar, and the tracker for each debt...really cool!

I saw on Yakezie you're from Kentucky. Hello from your neighbor north of the Ohio. :P

Andrea said...

Thanks for the encouragement, guys! I'm honored to be working toward belonging to such an amazing community!

frugalforties said...

I keep looking at Yakezie and wondering if I should join/participate. I just feel so new to the whole PFing thing, that I'm not sure I'm ready.

Ack! :)

But good luck to you and I'll definitely be following your progress!

Andrea said...

Thanks for reading and commenting! I still feel like I'm too new, but I really want to get going in the PF world. I want to know everyone and support their blogs, so Yakezie seemed like an awesome place to start.

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