Monday, March 28, 2011

My Bank is Awesome

If you're new to SOD, I'll fill you in on a little secret: I'm slightly obsessed with my bank.

I won't repeat my previous post about my love for PNC Virtual Wallet. To summarize in case you missed it, VW is the coolest thing ever and it's the #1 tool I've used to change my financial habits.

I've been very impressed by PNC's willingness to listen to customers and make improvements to VW. In the four months since I opened my account, I have communicated with PNC via Twitter, the Inside the Wallet blog, the iPhone app, and my online banking account. The one thing I've been screaming for? Remote check deposit.

Yesterday on the blog, guess what PNC announced? Remote check deposit.

I'd love to take credit for this exciting idea, but I'm pretty sure it was on the table long before I started asking for it. Plus I'm not the only one who asked. Still, I want to believe that someone read my pleas and decided to grant my wish. Soon, I'll be able to take a picture of a check with my iPhone to deposit it into my Virtual Wallet account instead of having to drive to a branch.

Last week I mentioned a $12.53 check I've been sitting on. Since the nearest PNC branch is in the town where I work, 50 miles from home, I haven't bothered going to deposit it. Now that I've eliminated the need to go to the bank, I'm about to become $12.53 richer. #winning


Perfect Dad said...

In Canada, I recommend President's Choice virtual bank. Super. I don't think we have PNC in Canada (where I live). PC bank is not nearly the same service though, the virtual wallet looks awesome.

Buck Inspire said...

Your passion for your bank is refreshing. Don't think I'm as advanced as you. Amazing all the new banking features we now have. I'm still getting used to scanning in my checks and cash for deposit at the ATM!

Andrea said...

I'm all for anything that makes banking faster and easier. My old bank was ridiculous - I was lucky if the lone ATM was even working most of the time! :)

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