Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spending Roundup for April

Here's the breakdown of where my money went in April:

Fixed Expenses
These are the easy ones. My car payment, car insurance, AT&T bill, cable/internet, and CC payments fall into this category. I budgeted $750 and spent $750.

Budget was $250. I spent $263. Oops!

Gas is currently $3.89/gal. in my area. I increased my budget to $250 and still spent $253.

I contributed $213 to my Roth in April (the $13 was to round my rollover from March to an even number) and $200 toward savings. I also contributed $60 to my 2012 Vacation Fund and $33 to my new Friend Fund.

Budget was $150. I spent $134. That really should have gone over a little but my electric bill won’t come out of my bank account until Monday.

Budget was $150. I spent $136. This is miraculous for me! It really motivates me to decrease it even more.

Budget was $100. I spent $110. So much for smoking less than a pack a day this month - I actually smoked more I think.

I’m very excited about this one. The only thing I bought all month long was a new cell phone case yesterday after mine broke. After Target giftcard, I spent $15.90.

Overall, my budget for the month was $2150 and I spent $2167.90. Only over by $17.90 this time! If you consider the fact that I saved $93 more than planned, I was under budget. I truly believe the only reason for this is the second job - I’m either working, driving, or so tired I can’t think, so I don’t have time to spend anything!


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