Guest Post Policy

I love guest posts! I also love to write guest posts. I welcome the opportunity to showcase the talent of other bloggers and/or infiltrate the readership at other places. :)

That said, I do NOT love getting random requests from someone I don't even know asking to post a bunch of links on my site. If you do this, you'll probably get sent straight to the spam folder. Unless you're willing to pay an exorbitant fee for the post, that is.

In case you aren't sure, this is what a random request looks like:

I have been following your blog SO OVER DEBT for ages and I love your content, though I can't provide any specific examples of what I like so much. I would love to post a poorly written article with multiple links to business websites. In particular, I'm affiliated with sites that try to scam people out of their personal information and credit card numbers.

In exchange for this post, I will link to your blog on my random spammy blog. Lots of people visit it mistakenly when trying to find real financial information. Please let me send you my post immediately because I have many of them sitting around waiting for a sucker.

If you're a real PF blogger and not a spammer, email me or find me on Twitter/Facebook and introduce yourself! If I know your blog, I'll happily feature a guest post at any time.