Blogs I Love

One of the occupational hazards of blogging is the constant need to read what others are posting. I would be embarrassed to admit how much time I spend reading other personal finance blogs, either through my reader or on the sites directly. Want to check out some people who are way more interesting than me? Try some of these blogs!

Did I miss your blog when I made this list? If so, please email me so I can add your blog!

The $60k Project

A Lotta Lettuce
Almost Frugal

Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance
Beating Broke
Blogging Away Debt
Boomer and Echo
Brip Blap
Broke Professionals
Bruce Bucks
Bucksome Boomer
Budgets are Sexy
Budgets are the New Black

Common Cents
Compounding Returns
Consumerism Commentary

Darwin's Money
The Debt Chronicles
Debt Donkey
Debt Free by 30
Debt Sucks
Destination: Planet Debt Free
Digging out of Debt, One Spoonful at a Time
Digging Out From Our Mess

Early Retirement Extreme

Fabulously Fru-girl
Family Balance Sheet
Family Money Values
The Family CEO
Fat Guy Skinny Wallet
Figuring Money Out
The Financial Blogger
Financial Samurai
Financial Uproar
Financially Poor
Fiscal Fizzle
Five Cent Nickel
Free Money Wisdom
Frugal Dad
Frugal For Life
Frugal in my Forties
Funny About Money

Gen Y Wealth
Get Rich Slowly
Give Me Back My Five Bucks

I Am the Working Poor
Invest it Wisely


Len Penzo
Life as a Purse
Live Real, Now

Man vs. Debt
Me in Millions
Minting Nickels
Modern Saver
Modern Tightwad
Money Cone
Money Crush
Money in the 20s
Money is the Root
Money Mamba
Money Ning
Money Sanity
Money Talks Coaching
The Motley Fool

Narrow Bridge Personal Finance
Net Worth Journey
No Back Button
Not Made of Money

One Frugal Girl
Our Debt Blog
Out My Window
Own the Dollar

Paying Myself
Pocket Changed
Punch Debt in the Face

Quarter Life Finances

The Saved Quarter
Serendipity's Guide to Saving
She Bloggs
The Simple Dollar
Single Mom Rich Mom
$mart Mom's Money
Smart Money Chicks
Square Pennies
Stacking Pennies
Stop Buying Crap
Stoopid Success

TeacHer Finance
Tight Fisted Miser
Two Year Debt Challenge

When Life Gives You Lemons
Where's Margie's Money?
Well Heeled Blog

The Year of Shopping Detox