Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend Link Catch-up

I miss out on a lot of awesome blog posts during the week due to my work schedule, then spend the weekends trying to catch up. This is the first time I've posted a roundup, but I feel there are some great bloggers out there who fly under the radar at times. Here are some of my favorite recent posts:

Sarah @ The 60k Project posted about the hidden costs of cheap gas. While I'm definitely trying everything I can think of to save money on gas, maybe choosing the lowest grade isn't the best way to go about it.

A Lotta Lettuce defended her degree in Communications after a post on another blog called Communications majors "disillusioned and broke." Kudos to you for laughing in the face of stereotypes!

Matt @ Bruce Bucks reminds us to stop using the leftovers when it comes to retirement savings. I was guilty of this for a long time and ended up with nothing saved as a result.

I Am the Working Poor discusses what happens when you're sick or injured with inadequate health coverage. As someone who didn't have any health insurance for 5 years, and now pays for a policy that covers next to nothing, I totally feel her pain.

Lindy @ Minting Nickels updates after one month without cable TV. This gives me a good idea of what to look forward to later this summer when I will cut my own cable cord.

Kim @ Out My Window has a minor budget freakout, only to realize there is an awesome reason why her monthly expenses aren't adding up. I love reading her progress updates!

TeacHer Finance (largest source of referral traffic for So Over Debt) posted some thoughts about second jobs. Given my current job situation, this post motivated me to keep going even though I don't always want to.

Working to Not Work reminds us of the danger in asking, Is this a necessity? This post made me literally laugh out loud because I know exactly where she's coming from.

These are only a few of my favorites from the week - if you missed these posts or aren't familiar with the blogs, please check them out!


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