Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Want to win $300? (Seriously!)

No, I'm not the one giving away money.

But my friend Gene at Stoopid Success? Different story. Gene is giving away $300 to the lucky winner of the Stoopid Success $300 Contest/Giveaway.

You should might be thinking, "Wow! 300 bucks! How in the world can I win?" There are a ton of ways to enter the contest, all of which are detailed at the link above.

They're all relatively simple tasks, such as:
  • Follow Gene's profiles on Twitter
  • Purchase the awesome ebook, "25 principles of the stoopidly successful"
  • Subscribe to the RSS feed
  • Share an article from the site on Twitter or Facebook
Each of these tasks (and more, as detailed on the site) earn you entries into the contest. The winner will be announced on May 15 at 5pm EST.

We're talking free money, people. Visit the Stoopid Success $300 Contest/Giveaway page to learn more details and enter the contest!


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