About the Site

So Over Debt is my journey out of financial chaos. You can read Part One and Part Two of my story, as well as how things changed, to get more information about where I came from and where I hope to go.

After years of spending more than I made, I decided I'm just over it. I'm over bank fees, trying to float checks until payday, and borrowing money from my parents. I'm done with the turmoil that comes when you truly don't have enough money to last the week. I want to provide a better financial example for my son.

I started out with $61,200 in debt and an income of $36,000. My debt includes student loans, a car loan, and several credit cards. Someday I hope to edit this page to state that I'm debt free, but right now I'm just concentrating on knocking out as much debt as possible.

This blog contains the details of my financial life - spending, saving, and earning - and I try to be as open as possible in hopes of helping someone in the same situation I was in. I'm not comfortable sharing all the gory details with people in real life, but perfect strangers can have all the info they want! :)

I love getting emails and I always respond. Feel free to contact me any time by sending an email to andrea [at] sooverdebt [dot] com.

About Me

I am a 28 year-old Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Most of my career experience has been in providing psychotherapy to adults and children, though now I am the director of a group home and do therapy on the side. Social work is one of those careers you go into because you want to "help people," and while I still want to help people, I've realized maybe I should have done it in a way that paid more money.

I was a scandalous teenage mother - I had my son when I was 15 years old. His father and I got married when I was 19 and divorced in December 2009. Now I'm hoping to move on to bigger and better things - not a relationship, but an improved financial life and increased happiness. I'm ready to spend time doing the things I enjoy. Once I get out of debt, that is!

When I'm not blogging about my debt or working at one of my two jobs (which is rare!), I enjoy reading, drooling over stuff I can't afford, hanging out with my son, watching college basketball, and playing with my dogs. Long hours at work have turned me into a pretty sedentary person, which I hate, but I hope eventually I can go back to all the outdoor activities I used to love.

My disclaimer: I am not a finance professional and I am sure as hell not qualified to give financial advice. I can only share what works or doesn't work in my specific situation. If you read something here, choose to apply it, and it sucks, it's not my fault.