Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why I Don't Have a Guest Post Today

Today I was supposed to feature a guest post here on the site about keeping debt from ruining your credit score. I was really excited about the article, despite the fact that it came from a guy I don't know. Unlike most people who ask to post here, this guy actually used proper grammar and spelling in his emails and appeared excited to post an article that might help my readers. The article was well-written, too.

So this morning I'm about to click the "publish post" button when I happened to hover over one of the links to his site. Guess what? Instead of directing to his supposed site about credit repair, the links were to a hair removal website! If I hadn't noticed, I would have bombarded you guys with spam. And that pisses me off.

There is a reason why I typically don't accept guest posts from random people. And I broke that rule because I thought I was getting something decent. Never again! I would call the spammer out by name and email address, but I'm trying to be a better person than that.

I'll be back soon with a normal post from me. No links to hair removal sites - I promise!


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