Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spending Roundup for May

Here's the breakdown of where my money went in May:

Fixed Expenses
These are the easy ones. My car payment, car insurance, AT&T bill, cable/internet, and CC payments fall into this category. I budgeted $750 and spent $750.

Budget was $250. I spent $202.60 - woohoo!

Gas is currently $3.67/gal. in my area. I budgeted $250 and spent $249. Talk about cutting it close!

I contributed $200 to my Roth this month and $100 toward savings. I also contributed $40 to my vacation fund and a ton toward my Friend Fund - I decided to increase the Friend Fund to reflect my total number of fans/followers/subscribers, because it was too confusing to remember how many were new.

I'm supposed to be putting an extra $75 a month toward my Roth. Haven't done that...hmmm..... Looks like I need to start paying attention!

Budget was $150. I spent $138.

Budget was $150. I spent $218. Oops! I guess that's how I managed to spend less on groceries. It's so hard to eat at home when (1) I'm never home and (2) I seldom cook. This is another area I need to work on.

Budget was $100. I spent $107. I don't even want to think about this right now. Blah.

What an interesting category this has been! I spent a whopping $499.44 on miscellaneous items this month, though I did at least have extra income to back it up. Here's where it went:
  • $300 iPad (used)
  • $11.23 Makeup
  • $89.76 iPad accessories - screen protectors, stylus, case, and a purse with a padded iPad pocket
  • $17.50 Apps for the iPad
  • $34.45 Clothing
  • $40 Jayden's lunch (when my ex didn't have the %$@# money to pay for it himself)

Overall, my budget for the month was $2150 and I spent $2037.60. I also had an extra $520 in income from the second job and spent $499.44 of that. Total, I spent $2537.04 out of $2670, leaving $132.96 in my checking account until payday this Saturday. From now on, the bulk of my extra money will go toward savings instead of stuff, but I couldn't help indulging a little!


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